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1Q Film (Pt. 2), UL ’18: “Isn’t He Beautiful”

The key logo has definitions for shorthand and abbreviations. If you rewatch parts of the game, this can be used as a companion piece.

Shorthand Key

1st Quarter

Defense 2 Continued, 11:58, 14-0

  • (7:17 – 1st) Trey Smith run for 8 yds to the Clem 31 2nd & 2 at CLEM 31

Shovel option give on the JS. Good play call. We have nobody on the edge. KW was blocked.

  • (6:45 – 1st) Trey Smith run for 1 yd to the Clem 30 3rd & 1 at CLEM 30

Counter H and XT beats the pulling guard to the RB with speed. Impressive.

  • (6:07 – 1st) Colin Wilson run for 4 yds to the Clem 26 for a 1ST down 1st & 10 at CLEM 26

They double XT out of there. Muse and JD make the stop.

  • (5:21 – 1st) Jawon Pass pass complete to Devante Peete for 7 yds to the Clem 19 2nd & 3 at CLEM 19

1st teamers back in except for XT.  Quick out in front of AJT.

  • (4:50 – 1st) Colin Wilson run for 6 yds to the Clem 13 for a 1ST down

They go with Iso and Tre takes on the FB with the wrong leverage where KJ can’t help backside. No, no, no. We’re lucky we didn’t give up a TD there. Muse saved us with a nice tackle.  Venables and Dabo have seen enough.

  • (4:46 – 1st) Timeout CLEMSON, clock 04:46 1st & 10 at CLEM 13
  • (4:41 – 1st) Jawon Pass pass incomplete to Micky Crum 2nd & 10 at CLEM 13

They come out in Ace with 2 TEs and try to bootleg and drag/backside over route us. CW figures it out and is there to force the QB to throw off his back foot and short. He is so smart, it’s ridiculous. That’s an awareness rating of 99. Did not even look at the play fake, slapped the OL hands down and went straight to where the QB was going to be set up. KW and Muse had the coverage.

  • (4:32 – 1st) Colin Wilson run for a loss of 3 yards to the Clem 16 3rd & 13 at CLEM 16

This was going to be a Counter H made to look like zone read. CF blows up the mesh and let’s the RB go because he thought the QB kept it. CW is there to clean it up.  CW gets his Cory Groover on.

  • (3:51 – 1st) Jawon Pass pass complete to Jaylen Smith for 8 yds to the Clem 8 4th & 5 at CLEM 8

We sneak in some C3 here allowing a throw to the short flat. QB takes the cheese. Mullen and KJ make the stop. Drive over.  I’ts a good thing the QB took the cheese there because he was going to get walloped from behind by CF if he held the ball a half second more.

  • (3:16 – 1st) Blanton Creque 25 yd FG GOOD

Looks like we’ve cleaned up the leaping issue we had earlier in the season.

IS 4, Dex 4, CW 5, AB 0,KJ -1, AJT -1, CF 3, KW 0, XT 1, JD 1, Tre -2, Muse 2, Mullen 1

(3:16 – 1st) Blanton Creque kickoff for 65 yds for a touchback
1st & 10 at CLEM 25

Offense 3, 3:16, 14-3

  • (3:10 – 1st) Lawrence, Trevor pass incomplete to Thompson, PENALTY LOUISVILLE pass interference 15 yards to the CLEMSON40, NO PLAY, 1ST DOWN CLEMSON. 1st & 10 at CLEM 40

They loaded up the box as expected. We boot wide, TL threw on the run to TT and the CB grabbed him. Profitable first down deep shot.

  • (2:50 – 1st) Travis Etienne run for 25 yds to the Lvile 35 for a 1ST down 1st & 10 at LOU 35

HUNH pace now. This was a power sweep, which we haven’t seen in a while. They blitzed the playside ILB, so ETN patiently waits for Cervenka and JS to make their pull blocks and he’s off to the races.

  • (2:44 – 1st) Trevor Lawrence run for a loss of 1 yard to the Lvile 36 Trevor Lawrence fumbled, recovered by Clem 2nd & 11 at LOU 36.

Fumbled mesh with ETN. This wasn’t TL holding the ball trying to make the decision this time. Not sure why we had this problem, but this is something we should address and clean up. This is a drive ender against an elite defense.

  • (2:15 – 1st) Adam Choice run for 8 yds to the Lvile 28 3rd & 3 at LOU 28

They’ve got 7 in the box here, but when their DL is getting moved back like this, their LBs are caught up in the wash trying to hang on as the RB runs by them.





  • (1:32 – 1st) Trevor Lawrence run for 4 yds to the Lvile 24 for a 1ST down 1st & 10 at LOU 24

Their DE is squatting on the RB, so why not, it’s wide open. TL could’ve gotten more by just running straight and getting down instead of trying to juke DBs and taking hits. Still needs to get better at that.

  • (1:06 – 1st) Adam Choice run for 5 yds to the Lvile 19 2nd & 5 at LOU 19

Another outside zone (OZ)/stretch play. Choice does a great job of reading the LB and cutting it up in the A gap behind GC and JF.

  • (0:40 – 1st) Trevor Lawrence pass complete to Derion Kendrick for 6 yds to the Lvile 13 for a 1ST down 1st & 10 at LOU 13

RPO SZ/BS. With the ILB bullet, TL gets it out to DK. Great block by TT out there. This is TT’s kind of game.

  • (0:10 – 1st) Travis Etienne run for 2 yds to the Lvile 11

Fake JS boundary/Power Read wide. A ton of green out there on the edge, but TL’s pitch is shallow. He should’ve led ETN outside instead of inside. That allows the LB to run ETN down as he’s trying to get the edge. Lots of things for TL to work on in the run game and lots of teachable moments for the staff with TL.

TT 2, TL -1, ETN 1, GC 3, JS 2, TA 1, JF 2, Choice 1, DK 1



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