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1Q Film Review (Pt.1) Duke ’18: Punt Team Up

The key logo has definitions for shorthand and abbreviations. If you rewatch parts of the game, this can be used as a companion piece.

Shorthand Key

1st Quarter

Offense 1, 14:50, 0-0

  • (15:00 – 1st) AJ Reed kickoff for 63 yds; Derion Kendrick return for 19 yds to the Clem 21
    1st & 10 at CLEM 21

DK fields at the 3. Nice blocks from JR and XT. Runs into Choice trying to make a cut outside to the boundary and goes down.

  • (14:45 – 1st) Trevor Lawrence pass complete to Tee Higgins for 11 yds to the Clem 32 for a 1ST down
    1st & 10 at CLEM 32

6 in the box with both ILBs coming straight downhill at the snap. FCB is playing way off Tee. TL sees it and hits Tee on the quick out. Almost breaks the tackle for a big gainer.

  • (14:10 – 1st) Travis Etienne run for 2 yds to the Clem 34
    2nd & 8 at CLEM 34

HUNH. 7 in the box. Dart to ETN. Playisde LB blitz is picked up by GC. JF gets beat by the NG. TA can’t seal the backside LB and he scrapes wide to make the stop.

  • (13:55 – 1st) Trevor Lawrence pass complete to Hunter Renfrow for 7 yds to the Clem 41
    3rd & 1 at CLEM 41

PA IZ, All Curls. TL hits Renfrow and the LB jumps into the throwing lane, but TL throws a missile that gets by him. Renfrow is tackled a yard or two short.

  • (13:35 – 1st) Trevor Lawrence pass incomplete to Hunter Renfrow
    4th & 1 at CLEM 41

BS to Renfrow. TL’s throw is wide and off Renfrow’s hands. Incomplete. Yuck. We get 6 in the box on 3rd and 1 and throw it outside. No RPO. That was a BS all the way. Confidence builder for Duke.

(13:25 – 1st) Will Spiers punt for 51 yds , T.J. Rahming returns for 1 yd to the Duke 9

Spiers’ best punt in weeks. I guess that’s what happens when you get called out publicly. He tried to okie doke us on the fake faircatch and take off thing. After last week, AJT is not having that.

JR 1, XT 1, TL 0, Tee 1, GC 1, TA -1, JF -1, AJT 1, Spiers 1, DabScElliot -1

Defense 1, 13:10, 0-0

  • 1st & 10 at DUKE 9
    (13:10 – 1st) Daniel Jones pass complete to Daniel Helm for 6 yds to the Duke 15
    2nd & 4 at DUKE 15

Quads wide and we give them a 4 on 3 over there. We have Tre vacate his zone and go to the RB flat route. QB reads it and drops it off to the TE quick curl where he usually is. Tackle by KJ.

  • (12:55 – 1st) Daniel Jones pass complete to T.J. Rahming for 2 yds to the Duke 17
    3rd & 2 at DUKE 17

HUNH. Quads wide again. This time he throws the BS out there. Great job by IS to set the edge and make the stop. KW was there, but not a great effort to make the stop.

  • (12:10 – 1st) Daniel Jones run for 4 yds to the Duke 21 for a 1ST down
    1st & 10 at DUKE 21

Rolls wide. They have a pick play, but Tre fights through it. QB takes off and runs. KW doesn’t want to hit him here either and he dives forward for the 1st.

  • (11:48 – 1st) Daniel Jones pass incomplete
    2nd & 10 at DUKE 21

4th straight empty set for Duke. Daring us to blitz and we might should take them up on it. Slants boundary gets rejected by Dex. CW tries to make a diving catch over the QB.

  • (11:37 – 1st) Deon Jackson run for 2 yds to the Duke 23
    3rd & 8 at DUKE 23

RB back there now. Tight bunch wide. SZ give. AB and CW get through to force him boundary. Dex gets sealed redirecting inside. KJ is there and gets help from Tre.

  • (11:05 – 1st) Daniel Jones pass complete to Johnathan Lloyd for 2 yds to the Duke 25
    4th & 6 at DUKE 25

KJ bullet, AB drops. CW and Dex get dropped. QB has time. QB throws the comebacker and the WR is smothered by AJT for a short gain.

(10:35 – 1st) Austin Parker punt for 40 yds, fair catch by Amari Rodgers at the Clem 35

KJ 2, IS 1, Tre 1, KW -1, Dex 0, AB 1, CW 1, AJT 1

Offense 2, 10:34, 0-0

  • 1st & 10 at CLEM 35
    (10:25 – 1st) Travis Etienne run for 2 yds to the Clem 37

Counter H wide. Great job by the OL as everybody gets a seal and gives ETN the edge. ETN gets tackled by the NB in the open field. You don’t usually see ETN get tackled like that in so much space.

  • 2nd & 8 at CLEM 37
    (10:05 – 1st) Trevor Lawrence pass complete to Amari Rodgers for 6 yds to the Clem 43

5-Wide. Slant to ARod wide. Good cut block by GC and attempt by TA to open the throwing lane.

  • 3rd & 2 at CLEM 43
    (9:33 – 1st) Trevor Lawrence pass incomplete to Hunter Renfrow

They bring both ILBs and drop the SS into the box. We roll TL out wide. Pick play to Renfrow. He has his man beat, but TL’s throw is too wide.

Spiers with another good punt. Duke’s PR fields it at the 3 for some reason and is tackled at the 15. Holding on Duke moves it back to the 2.

ETN -1, GC 1, TL -1

Defense 2, 9:21, 0-0

  • 1st & 10 at DUKE 2
    (9:01 – 1st) Daniel Jones pass incomplete

We show Okie and have CF bail out at the snap. All day to throw but nobody open. QB throws the comebacker wide and the WR can’t make a diving catch. AJT was there.

  • 2nd & 10 at DUKE 2
    (8:55 – 1st) Daniel Jones pass complete to Davis Koppenhaver for 8 yds to the Duke 10

Swap boot boundary. The TE is uncovered because Tre got sucked up on the fake. Complete. Big hit by KJ, coming from the backside, drops him in his tracks.  KJ read that so much better than Tre that he passed him up and made the play for him. Tre gets pulled from the game.

  • 3rd & 2 at DUKE 10
    (8:25 – 1st) Daniel Jones pass complete to Deon Jackson for 5 yds to the Duke 15 for a 1ST down

Empty set, quads wide. This is the same play they ran on the first play of the game.  They have a TE curl and a RB arrow route. In Quads, the LB will typically have either the RB, the TE, or the hook zone underneath.

Chad is the conflict player here and the QB is going to read him to make his decision. If Chad comes upfield to take the RB, he’ll throw the TE curl. If he takes the TE, he’ll throw to the RB.



Chad takes the TE curl away and that leaves the RB alone on the edge. The QB quickly fires the ball out there before the pass rush can affect him. This is a great way to get your QB a quick read to easily get free yardage.

We should steal this play and I think there is a good chance that we will and use it in the playoff. You can’t run this all night, but you can use it a few times per game and force the defense to give you a different look. I’ll be interested to see how we adjust.


Tackled on the sideline by IS.

  • 1st & 10 at DUKE 15
    (8:00 – 1st) Deon Jackson run for 2 yds to the Duke 17

Zone lead on 1st down and he runs into a Dex, CW, and KJ sandwich for a short gain.

  • 2nd & 8 at DUKE 17
    (7:30 – 1st) Daniel Jones pass complete to Daniel Helm for 37 yds to the Clem 46 for a 1ST down

Tight bunch wide. We show Okie and bail out to rush just 3. The bunch WRs run 2 posts as clearouts for a TE wheel. We’re in Tampa 2 and the Safety, KW, runs with the 2nd post leaving the wheel open behind the underneath coverage. KW breaks down again and doesn’t want any part of the tackle either. Muse cuts him down.

This is a bust by KW, but Duke also has a great call here against what we tried to do. They have been hurting us underneath so BV goes with underneath zone coverage to shut that and the QB run down. Duke loads us up deep and because we only rush 3, the QB has time in the pocket to throw downfield.  Terrible start to the game for KW, who is clearly not dialed in with max focus and effort tonight.

KJ 2, Tre -1, IS 1, CW 1, Dex 1, KW -2, TM 1

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