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1Q Film Review (Pt.2) Duke ’18: Duke Goes Up

The key logo has definitions for shorthand and abbreviations. If you rewatch parts of the game, this can be used as a companion piece.

Shorthand Key

1st Quarter

Defense 2 (Continued), 7:35, 0-0

  • 1st and 10, CLEM 46 (7:04 – 1st) Daniel Jones pass incomplete to Jarett Garner

PA Zone lead, bootleg boundary, Deep over route. CF is there to apply the pressure. QB unloads deep as he gets hit by CF. The ball hits the WR in the hands, but it is knocked away by KW as he goes to the ground. Nice play by KW.

  • 2nd and 10 at CLEM 46
    (6:30 – 1st) Deon Jackson run for 12 yds to the Clem 34 for a 1ST down

We’re not set at the snap. IZ. Pink gets turned and loses his gap. They get OL to the 2nd level. Muse makes the stop.

  • 1st and 10 at CLEM 34
    (6:10 – 1st) Deon Jackson run for 1 yd to the Clem 33

HUNH. ZR give to the RB. CF blasts the QB. AH does a good job with the double team and the RB runs into a pile.

  • 2nd and 9 at CLEM 33
    (5:55 – 1st) Daniel Jones pass complete to Deon Jackson for 10 yds to the Clem 23 for a 1ST down

XT beats his man and hits the QB as he throws. He checks it down to the RB in the flat. Nobody home over there. AJT chased the WR across the field. Chad and IS make the stop. Either Chad or AJT busted on that. Clearly if we bust, Jones will find it in a hurry.

  • 1st and 10 at CLEM 23
    (5:41 – 1st) DUKE Penalty, False Start (Robert Kraeling) to the Clem 28
  • 1st and 15 at CLEM 28 (5:20 – 1st) Daniel Jones pass complete to T.J. Rahming for 8 yds to the Clem 20

Tare Concept. QB throws the slot out to the boundary. Muse chases him OOB.

  • 2nd and 7 at CLEM 20
    (4:50 – 1st) Daniel Jones pass incomplete to T.J. Rahming

We bring 6. QB correctly throws the fade, but off his back foot and overthrown. AJT was step for step. CF and AB applied the pressure.

  • 3rd and 7 at CLEM 20
    (4:20 – 1st) Daniel Jones run for 5 yds to the Clem 15

We rush 3 and cover well. QB is flushed out of the pocket by AB. IS makes a nice open field stop to prevent the 1st down. Great play by IS.

4th and 2 at CLEM 15
(4:07 – 1st) Collin Wareham 34 yd FG GOOD

KW 1, CF 2, Pink -1, Muse 1, AH 1, XT 1, AJT 1, AB 1, IS 2

Duke with 104 total yards to our 28.

Offense 3, 4:07, 0-3

(4:07 – 1st) AJ Reed kickoff for 65 yds; Derion Kendrick return for 21 yds to the CLEMSON 44 CLEMSON Penalty, Offensive Holding (T.J. Chase) to the Clem 11

Nice stop/start on the return to get the edge by DK. TJC just threw his man down using his own momentum and they got him. No shortage on penalties by TJC on returns this year.

  • 1st & 10 at CLEM 11
    (3:53 – 1st) Travis Etienne run for a loss of 4 yards to the Clem 7

OZ to ETN. The NG gets penetration past JF and forces ETN wide. Hyatt and DK are kicking out, so their men have ETN cornered inside and out. Knocked OOB by the CB.

  • 2nd & 14 at CLEM 7
    (3:10 – 1st) Trevor Lawrence pass complete to Milan Richard for 8 yds to the Clem 15

Quick boundary curl to M80. Conservative call as usual when we’re inside our own 15.

  • 3rd & 6 at CLEM 15
    (2:45 – 1st) Trevor Lawrence pass incomplete to Amari Rodgers

Out/Dig both sides. ARod is open on the DIG. TL reads it and hits him with the ball, but the MLB gets a hand in there on the blow by and ARod can’t hang on. He should’ve had that one. He was looking for yac yards. He would’ve had at least 20 yards on that.

4th & 6 at CLEM 15
(2:39 – 1st) Will Spiers punt for 36 yds; fair catch by T.J. Rahming at the Duke 49

Short punt.

JF -1, ETN -1, M80 1, ARod -1, TL 1, Spiers -1

Defense 3, 2:39, 0-3

  • 1st & 10 at DUKE 49
    (2:30 – 1st) Deon Jackson run for 22 yds to the Clem 29 for a 1ST down

JS and AB charges straight for the QB and levels him. That leaves KJ in a footrace on the sweep, but I guess BV thinks it’s worth it to get a shot on the QB. KJ misreads it and takes a false step so he can’t get there. Denzel makes the stop.

  • 1st & 10 at CLEM 29
    (2:17 – 1st) Daniel Jones pass incomplete to Johnathan Lloyd

HUNH. PA JS, Swap boot. CF pressures the QB. IS and Tre have the underneath route bracketed. QB tries to throw back to the middle and CF gets up and rejects it. Seasoned veteran play by CF there.

  • 2nd & 10 at CLEM 29
    (2:06 – 1st) Daniel Jones pass complete to Johnathan Lloyd for a loss of 3 yards to the Clem 32

JS with outside zone blocking. Dex and CW combine to shut that down for a loss.

  • 3rd & 13 at CLEM 32
    (1:38 – 1st) CLEMSON Penalty, Defensive Pass Interference (A.J. Terrell) to the Clem 18 for a 1ST down

We blitz off the edge and the QB just throws the fade up in man-to-man. I hope TL is taking notes here. AJT reaches out and grabs him on his break to save the big gainer.

  • 1st & 10 at CLEM 18
    (1:25 – 1st) Daniel Jones run for 6 yds to the Clem 12

Tre bullet. QB Draw. Muse comes up and makes the stop.

  • 2nd & 4 at CLEM 12
    (1:00 – 1st) Daniel Jones run for a loss of 2 yards to the Clem 14

IS Fire. QB Lead Draw. Dex shoves his man back, sheds, and makes the TFL. Grown man.

  • 3rd & 6 at CLEM 14
    (0:25 – 1st) Daniel Jones pass incomplete to Johnathan Lloyd

Tre gets through and forces an early throw to the quick out that is wide. Covered well by AJT.

4th & 6 at CLEM 14
(0:22 – 1st) Collin Wareham 32 yd FG GOOD

KJ -1, AB 1, CF 1, Tre 2, IS 1, Dex 2, CW 1, AJT 0, IS 1


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