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2nd Quarter Film Part 2: Georgia Tech ’18

The key logo has definitions for shorthand and abbreviations. If you rewatch parts of the game, this can be used as a companion piece.

Shorthand Key

2nd Quarter

Offense 4 (TL), 7:42, 14-0

  • 1st and 10, C 45. Stewart at RG and Cervenka at LG. 2×1 tight wide, H wide vs. 3-4. Power Sweep wide. Chase with a big crack block on the LB and sticks with it until the whistle. Great job. Stewart and Cervenka pull and seal the OLB, but it takes both of them to do it. Choice takes it outside and dives for 2.
  • 2nd and 8. 2×1 wide, TE boundary vs. 3-4. RPO IZ/ Fade boundary. TL pulls it and looks boundary. We get such good push on the interior, it’s almost an ineligible men downfield situation. The CB is playing Cover 2 and the safety is playing C1. That’s a bust. TL hits JRoss in stride and he just turns on the jets and beats the safety’s angle…TOUCHDOWN TIGERS.

2 TD passes in 3 plays for TL.  True Freshman to True Freshman on the TD connection.

Huegel’s XP is good.

Potter’s KO goes out of the EZ for a TB.

Defense 6, 7:05, 21-0

  • 1st and 10, G 25. Bone vs. Okie. Wing motion wide. Dive boundary. They combo CW, but he drags them both to the hole, beating the OG’s reach block, and closes the hole down. Perfect. Tackle by AH and JD for a gain of 2.
  • 2nd and 8. Bone vs. 3-4…FALSE START GEORGIA TECH
  • 2nd and 13.  Bone Tight vs. Okie. QB Sweep boundary. CF sets the edge. JD gets cut by the playside wing, but recovers to make the tackle along with AH and CW. Gain of 3.
  • 3rd and 10. Bone, 2×1 wide, wing wide vs. Over, BCB Fire. Good call by BV. Rolls wide. AB defeats the FB’s block, CW gets through. The wide side receivers never got into their break and the QB never sees the wide open WR on the boundary before Mullen gets home for the sack. Loss of 4…PUNT

Harvin’s punt is fielded at the 22. 58 yard punt. ARod takes the ball wide, uses two stiff arms to get the edge, gets a block from Chase (no hold) and then Chad before he is dropped at the 41 for a return of 19…HOLDING TIGERS on Chad. I didn’t see much of a hold there, and his block only got him a few extra yards, but his hand was on the back of the defender.

Offense 5 (TL), 4:29, 21-0

  • 1st and 10, C 25. 3×0 wide, H wide vs. 3-4. PA Power Read wide, Fade/Hitch/Post/Sail wide. JRoss runs a bad route all into M80’s area. TL has both Renfrow and ETN just standing there by themselves, but he tries to run it to the boundary. Sacked for a loss of 1.


This is a mistake he continues to make, but when he and the staff finally fix this, the offense will go up another level.

Basically, he’s got the best player in the building with the ball in his hands standing alone with a lead blocker. ETN with that kind of room is a TD waiting to happen.



  • 2nd and 11, C 24. 2×2 vs. 3-4 soft C2, zone blitz. Middle Screen to ETN.  We try to set up a middle screen, but it is not executed well timing-wise. TL throws the ball and it Cansecos Cervenka in the helmet, bounces up, and is picked off by the DE…INTERCEPTION CLEMSON

Because of the zone blitz, Cervenka had to double the NG to the right and then come back to the left to block for the screen. He released into the throwing lane just as TL was throwing the ball. In my opinion, this is caused by ETN spinning off the DE too quickly. The DE read the screen after ETN spun off him and was in the area to grab the rebound.  ETN did not allow the DE to beat him to get upfield and didn’t allow Cervenka to clear the throwing lane. TL probably had to throw this too early. Getting ETN the ball in space is always a good idea though.

Sudden change situation for the defense now.


Defense 7, 3:54, 21-0

  • 1st and 10, C 23. Bone, unbalanced wide vs. Okie. Counter Dive wide.  Dex gets turned away from the play and that’s the big problem here. CW is on the backside, but he carries his man down the line and almost makes the tackle. Pulling OG kicks out IS 7 yards backwards. CF sheds the extra OL at TE to the ground, but can’t get over him to make the stop. AJT makes the stop after a gain of 7.
  • 2nd and 3. Bone vs. Under. TO boundary. QB Follow Boundary. This time Dex sheds the OG and gets in behind the FB and tackles the QB for a gain of 2.
  • 3rd and 1. Bone, unbalanced boundary vs. 46. They try to get us to jump and then audible. Play clock runs down…3RD TIMEOUT TECH
  • 3rd and 1. Bone, unbalanced wide vs. Okie. Speed Option boundary. Dex gets cut. CW gets through and chases. JD scrapes and forces the QB to cut back. CW is there to make the stop but he gets the first down after a gain of 3.

We were a little loose on that first play, probably due to sudden change.

  • 1st and 10, C 13. Bone vs. Under. Wing motion wide. Speed Option Wide. IS slow plays the QB and gets juked on the pitch fake. QB cuts it up. JD gets cut by the FB. QB beats Denzel with speed to the GL…TOUCHDOWN JACKETS.

So they are able to convert the turnover to points before halftime.

So basically, they out-flanked us here. They motion the wing over wide. We have Judah moved up over the OG threatening a blitz boundary. Where we messed up is that on the motion, we should’ve bumped the LBs over a bubble. At the snap, you can see Judah hurry to get out of there. JD is already toast by alignment and the fact that the wing has an easy cut block on him.

AB gets his ankles grabbed by the OT, which is a pretty slick move I must say, but he grabs grass and we’re down another inside-out player to go with Judah. JD gets cut.

Now we are totally dependent on IS making this tackle. There will be no inside-out defender to push the QB out further wide and string this one out.

QB gives IS a little ball fake and that’s it. Plenty of blame to go around for everybody.






XP is Good

GT KO is fielded by CP at the 4. Nice blocks from Spector, Turner, and GWill. Great kickout block from XT. Choice gets a good block. CP sheds a tackler from behind and cuts back to the middle. GT player makes a nice shoestring to get him down at the C 36.  Good job all the way around there.

Offense 6 (TL), 1:58, 21-7

  • 1st and 10, C 36. 2×2 vs. 3-4, same zone blitz from the INT.  Straight drop. Out/Seam wide. TL takes the out wide. It’s a long throw and a touch high, but he gets it there to ARod. Complete and OOB for a gain of 11.

First down out-route to stop the clock. TL with a nicely timed out throw.

  •  1st and 10, C 47. 2×2 vs. Under EF, WLB Fire. Straight drop. Smash Concept. Feaster picks up the blitz. Poor route by Renfrow here. He cut it too shallow and TL won’t try to thread this one, which was a good move. Thrown away. Incomplete. You don’t take a sack in 2 minute situations, but we have three timeouts so TL could’ve looked back to the other side.
  • 2nd and 10. 2×2 vs. 3-4, SLB Bullet. Straight drop. Simpson picks up the blitz. Mesh Verticals boundary. TL slides boundary. Nothing there, so he takes off to the middle. He get through the line and to the numbers wide. Gets an excellent block from TT and gets OOB after a gain of 11.


  • 1st and 10, G 42. 2×2 wide vs. 3-4. Straight drop. Seam/Out both sides. TL takes the deeper out to ARod wide again. ARod reels it in, but is tackled in bounds after a gain of 8.
  • 2nd and 2. HUNH. 2×2 vs. 3-4, Double A blitz. We’re showing outs based on alignment. Straight drop. All Outs. Feaster with a nice cut block on the MLB. They drop the NG. TL looks for Renfrow on the slot out. Tee’s man comes off Tee and almost intercepts it. Renfrow makes the catch for the first down and a gain of 3.

The OL is having a great series so far.

  • 1st and 10, G 31. 2×2 vs. 3-4. Straight drop. Post/Out/Circle boundary. Excellent pass pro. TL looks for Tee downfield on the post and his throw is high and sails incomplete. He had him with a better throw.
  • 2nd and 10. 0:46. 2×1 wide, H wide vs. 3-4. Sprint Draw to Choice. M80 just let’s the OLB run into the backfield untouched. Choice breaks his tackle fortunately. Choice gets the edge around a block from Simpson who probably got away with a hold there. Gain of 3…1ST TIMEOUT CLEMSON
  • 3rd and 7. 0:39. 2×2 vs. 4-2-5, TE stunt. Straight drop. Mesh Curls past the sticks. The DT comes outside on the stunt and blindsides Hyatt on his butt. He gets in TL’s face as he throws the outside curl to Renfrow. Renfrow makes a ridiculous catch and taps his foot in bounds for a gain of 9.

The throw is under duress and high, but Renfrow high points it and comes down in bounds.

Hyatt, what is going on with the awareness this year?






  • 1st and 10, G 20. 0:34. 2×2 vs. 3-4, SLB Fire. Straight drop. Smash Concept boundary/ Hitch/Post wide. We decide to go to the well again and this time they have Renfrow bracketed well. He has JRoss (I think) on the backside post, but TL throws it away. Incomplete.
  • 2nd and 10. 0:27. 2×2 vs. 3-3-5. Straight drop. Deep Curls vs. man. JRoss surely ran the wrong route or at least, has very bad spacing, as what we’re trying to do here is just give Tee a jump ball against man coverage. TL throws the jump ball to Tee. Ross is right beside Tee and jumps for the ball knocking Tee away from making what was probably a sure TD grab. Incomplete.
  • 3rd and 10, 0:21. 3×1 wide vs. 3-3-5…FALSE START CLEMSON on Anchrum.
  • 3rd and 15. 2×1 wide, H wide vs. 3-3-5. PA IZ boundary, bootleg wide, Mesh Curls at the sticks. TL gets outside of and could run for 8. Renfrow is open off his break, but TL doesn’t throw it. He presses the edge and ARod’s man comes off him. TL throws a laser to ARod who makes the grab and turns upfield. He is tackled at the 3 for a gain of 12…2ND TIMEOUT CLEMSON

Just Trevor being Trevor there.

  • 1st and G, G 3. 2×0 wide, 2 TEs vs. SY package. Shovel Pass to ETN. Right after the boot, good call and well designed. Pollard with a nice pull and kickout on the ILB. The OLB sniffs it out and gets ETN by the leg. ETN zombie drags him and dives into the EZ…TOUCHDOWN TIGERS

12 plays, 64 yards, in 1:53. That had to make the staff ecstatic. Remember how good we were on 2 minute drills Watson’s last year?

XP by Huegel is good.

Potter’s KO goes 6 yards deep in the EZ and is brought out. We make a mockery of their blocking as a team. XT gets down there unblocked and hits him with a WWE flying lariat at the 11. Ooos and ahhhhs from the crowd.



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