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2Q Film (Pt. 1), UL ’18: Defense Joins In on the Fun

The key logo has definitions for shorthand and abbreviations. If you rewatch parts of the game, this can be used as a companion piece.

Shorthand Key

2nd Quarter

Offense 3 Continued, 3:16, 14-3

  • 2nd & 8 at LOU 11 (14:56 – 2nd) Trevor Lawrence pass complete to Tee Higgins for 11 yds for a TD, (Greg Huegel KICK)

They bring up 9 in the box and go man on the outside. With 5 star talent like Tee and Trevor on the field, this should be like taking candy from a baby. TL shouldn’t even have to change the play. He can just tap his helmet or something and throw it to Tee on a pre-planned route every single time we see this alignment.

Here, we had an RPO IZ/Skinny post called, so there was no need to even do that. This was the perfect call against this defense and a really easy TD.

Defense 3, 14:50, 21-3

  • (14:56 – 2nd) B.T. Potter kickoff for 64 yds , Hassan Hall return for 16 yds to the Lvile 17 1st & 10 at LOU 17

Nice reckless abandon by Denzel and great tackle by Chad.

  • (14:42 – 2nd) Jawon Pass pass incomplete to Jaylen Smith 2nd & 10 at LOU 17

They wanted a bootleg wide and a throwback boundary, but we had good coverage over there by Mullen (fade) and Muse (wheel). Good coverage by AJT wide as well. Nowhere to go. BV wants a push off on Smith with AJT and the ref tells him he needs to get back. Smotherman, where you at?

  • (14:29 – 2nd) Trey Smith run for 2 yds to the Lvile 19 3rd & 8 at LOU 19

Iso and KJ destroys the FB with the correct leverage and makes the stop. Wow. Tre, did you see that? Good job by XT and JD as well.

  • (13:56 – 2nd) Jawon Pass pass complete to Jaylen Smith for 11 yds to the Lvile 30 for a 1ST down 1st & 10 at LOU 30

We’re in the dime and bail out rushing 3. QB dumps it off to Smith on the crosser. KW misses the tackle. Muse gets him OOB, but he gets the first.

  • (13:25 – 2nd) Jawon Pass sacked by J.D. Davis for a loss of 4 yards to the Lvile 26 Jawon Pass fumbled, recovered by Lvile 2nd & 14 at LOU 26

JD comes off the edge on a blitz untouched and meets CW at the QB for the sack/fumble.

  • (12:21 – 2nd) LOUISVILLE Penalty, False Start (-5 Yards) to the Lvile 21 2nd & 19 at LOU 21
  • (12:10 – 2nd) LOUISVILLE Penalty, Delay of Game (-5 Yards) to the Lvile 16 2nd & 24 at LOU 16
  • (11:42 – 2nd) Jawon Pass pass intercepted for a TD Isaiah Simmons return for 27 yds for a TD, (Greg Huegel KICK)

So you have 2 penalties in a row setting up a desperation situation where the QB has to try to make something happen. The QB tries to squeeze it in to the slot out, but KJ got into his drop making that a tight window. The QB tries to miss wide and lead the WR, but he misses high as well. It almost hits IS in the face, but he grabs it and takes it to the house. Why is he telling our crowd to “shhhhh?” You want to save that one for next week, Isaiah.

Denzel 1, Chad 1, Mullen 1, Muse 0, Smotherman -1, KJ 2, JD 2, XT 1, KW -1, CW 2, IS 3

Defense 4, 28-3

  • (11:42 – 2nd) B.T. Potter kickoff for 65 yds for a touchback 1st & 10 at LOU 25
  • (11:34 – 2nd) Hassan Hall run for 3 yds to the Lvile 28 2nd & 7 at LOU 28

A little lead play off tackle that KJ and JD combine to stop.

  • (10:52 – 2nd) Wilson, Colin rush for 1 yard to the LOUISVILLE 29, PENALTY LOUISVILLE holding 10 yards to the LOUISVILLE 18, NO PLAY. 2nd & 17 at LOU 18

JD got tackled.

  • (10:26 – 2nd) Jawon Pass pass incomplete to Devante Peete 3rd & 17 at LOU 18

Foster bull-rushes the OT into the QB and flushes him boundary where he throws it OOB. Mullen was all over the WR in the area.

  • (10:17 – 2nd) Jawon Pass pass complete to Dez Fitzpatrick for 23 yds to the Lvile 41 for a 1ST down 1st & 10 at LOU 41

Weird situation where CF goes for the play fake to the RB and then holds him, slings him to the ground, and then jumps on him instead of rushing the QB. I guess he thought they had a screen on or he had him in man. I don’t know. QB has time and the WR is wide open in the flat.

  • (9:27 – 2nd) Jeremy Smith run for 10 yds to the Clem 49 for a 1ST down 1st & 10 at CLEM 49

We’re not set at the snap. IS fires wide. AB basically stands up and takes the play off which causes him to get moved out of there and creates a gap. JD misses a tackle. Not good. I’d sub them out.

  • (9:09 – 2nd) Jeremy Smith run for no gain to the Clem 49 2nd & 10 at CLEM 49

We blitz off the edge. CW beats his man and makes the stop with Turner.

  • (8:28 – 2nd) Jeremy Smith run for a loss of 1 yard to the 50 yard line 3rd & 11 at 50

We blitz Denzel off the edge and he and CW combine to make the TFL. CW is having a Michael Dean Perry-type performance where the offense can’t do anything because of him.

  • (7:46 – 2nd) Jawon Pass pass incomplete to Tutu Atwell 4th & 11 at 50

We bring 6. AB gets home and forces the throwaway. AJT and the WR get in a scuffle. Offsetting penalties called.

  • (7:41 – 2nd) Mason King punt for 40 yds, fair catch by Amari Rodgers at the Clem 10

JD 0, KJ 2, Foster 1, Mullen 1, IS -1, AB -1, CW 4, Turner 1, Denzel 1


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