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2Q Film (Pt. 2), UL ’18: Beaks and Feathers

The key logo has definitions for shorthand and abbreviations. If you rewatch parts of the game, this can be used as a companion piece.

Shorthand Key

2nd Quarter

Offense 4, 7:30, 28-3

  • 1st & 10 at CLEM 10 (7:27 – 2nd) Tavien Feaster run for 6 yds to the Clem 16 2nd & 4 at CLEM 16

IZ to the boundary right behind GC, JF, and TA.

  • (7:06 – 2nd) Lawrence, Trevor pass complete to Galloway, Braden for 7 yards to the CLEMSON23, PENALTY CLEMSON illegal formation 5 yards to the CLEMSON11, NO PLAY. 2nd & 9 at CLEM 11

We get the first, but we pull a Florida State and line up 3 WR all off the ball on the wide side. Chase was the guy supposed to be on the LOS and Dabo pulls him and lights him up on the sideline.

  • (6:39 – 2nd) Trevor Lawrence pass incomplete to Diondre Overton 3rd & 9 at CLEM 11

They blitz and the LB runs over Feaster flushing TL boundary and forcing the throwaway.

  • (6:33 – 2nd) Trevor Lawrence pass incomplete to Trevion Thompson 4th & 9 at CLEM 11

They rush 3 and drop 8. TT dropped this one, but it wouldn’t have been a first down. That penalty by Chase looms large.

  • (6:19 – 2nd) Will Spiers’ punt for 44 yds, fair catch by Dez Fitzpatrick at the Lvile 45

AJT hammers the PR on a low kick, gets called for TARGETING and is ejected. They rekick due to offsetting penalties and the ball is faircaught.

GC 1, JF 1, TA 2, Choice 1, TJC -2, Feaster -1, MH 2

Defense 5, 6:19, 28-3

  • 1st & 10 at LOU 45 (6:04 – 2nd) Colin Wilson run for 5 yds to the 50 yard line 2nd & 5 at 50

Goodrich in for AJT. We blitz Tre and he gets picked up. Pink gets kicked out. KJ defeats the OG’s block and makes the stop.

  • (5:35 – 2nd) Colin Wilson run for 12 yds to the Clem 38 for a 1ST down 1st & 10 at CLEM 38

ZR and XT takes QB. I’m almost positive that was a mistake. KJ takes the outside gap. Pink gets doubled and the RB squirts through. Denzel on the 1 on 1 stop. Ugly.

  • (4:58 – 2nd) Jawon Pass run for 5 yds to the Clem 33

CF and XT force the QB to step up and with room in the middle he takes off.  He jukes Tre, cuts back and is tackled by KJ.

  • (4:22 – 2nd) Timeout LOUISVILLE, clock 04:22 2nd & 5 at CLEM 33
  • (4:18 – 2nd) Jawon Pass pass incomplete to Tutu Atwell 3rd & 5 at CLEM 33

Starting DL back in. We bring 6. KJ gets through untouched and forces the bad throw.

  • (4:14 – 2nd) Jawon Pass pass incomplete to Colin Wilson 4th & 5 at CLEM 33

Dex gets through to force an early throw to a middle screen. Ball goes off an OL’s head.

  • (4:09 – 2nd) Jawon Pass sacked by Kendall Joseph for a loss of 6 yards to the Clem 39

We bring 6 again. KJ comes off the edge untouched and makes the sack. Dex was there coming up the middle as well. Phenomenal series by KJ there. Tiger ball.

Tre -2, Pink -2, KJ 6, XT -1, Dex 2, CF 1

Offense 5, 4:09, 28-3

  • 1st & 10 at CLEM 39 (4:01 – 2nd) Trevor Lawrence pass intercepted Anthony Johnson return for no gain to the Lvile 14

PA JS, PA IZ, Max protect, Post boundary, Dig wide. TL throws the Post to Tee that is double covered with both guys over the top. He throws long on a deep ball again, picked. Just a truly terrible decision and a subpar throw for him. Broken record: If he underthrew it to Tee there, it’s probably a completion. Instead, we let them off the hook after the turnover on downs in their territory.

TL -3, TA 1, MH 1

Defense 6, 4:01, 28-3

  • 1st & 10 at LOU 14 (3:55 – 2nd) Jawon Pass pass incomplete to Dez Fitzpatrick 2nd & 10 at LOU 13

Fade boundary and Mullen is there and the only guy to have a shot at catching it.

  • (3:55 – 2nd) CLEMSON Penalty, Defensive Offside (6 Yards) to the Lvile 19 2nd & 5 at LOU 19

On CF.

  • (3:51 – 2nd) Jawon Pass pass incomplete to Keion Wakefield 3rd & 5 at LOU 19

We rush 4 and AH pushes the OG back into the QB as he throws. Nice job by Tre to get in the hook zone. Denzel breaks on the ball and gets the PBU.

  • (3:10 – 2nd) Jawon Pass run for 3 yds to the Lvile 22 4th & 2 at LOU 22

IS Fire wide. SDE drop. IS gets shoved right as he is about to make the sack. QB is going to run for it. Denzel cuts him off from long distance and makes the stop to save the first down. Very nice.

  • (2:59 – 2nd) Mason King punt for 38 yds , Amari Rodgers returns for no gain to the Clem 40.

He made a guy miss though. We are still not getting the effort in punt return that we had earlier in the year.

Mullen 1, Tre 1, Denzel 3, ARod 1

Offense 6, 2:58, 28-3

  • 1st & 10 at CLEM 40 (2:40 – 2nd) Trevor Lawrence pass complete to Amari Rodgers for 5 yds to the Clem 45 2nd & 5 at CLEM 45

BS to ARod. Renfrow gets a block, but ARod can’t break a tackle.

  • (2:10 – 2nd) Trevor Lawrence pass complete to Amari Rodgers for 4 yds to the Clem 49 3rd & 1 at CLEM 49

Snag routes on both sides. TL hits ARod for a quick 4.

  • (1:50 – 2nd) Trevor Lawrence run for 8 yds to the Lvile 43 for a 1ST down 1st & 10 at LOU 43

ZR. The DE crashes hard and TL pulls it. Nice job. Great block on the corner by JR. That’ll give them something to think about.

  • (1:35 – 2nd) Travis Etienne run for 32 yds to the Lvile 11 for a 1ST down 1st & 10 at LOU 11

IZ to ETN. They blitz off the edge, ETN sees it (wow), and cuts underneath him and outside where he came from. Cannon seals the edge and we get a big gainer.

  • (1:29 – 2nd) Travis Etienne run for 6 yds to the Lvile 5 2nd & 4 at LOU 5

ZR give to ETN.

  • (1:10 – 2nd) Travis Etienne run for 2 yds to the Lvile 3

HUNH. IZ to ETN. 7 in the box and MH gets beat to the inside. ETN just gets tripped up at the LOS.

  • (0:34 – 2nd) Timeout CLEMSON, clock 00:34 3rd & 2 at LOU 3
  • (0:30 – 2nd) Trevor Lawrence pass complete to Amari Rodgers for 3 yds for a TD, (Greg Huegel KICK)

Shovel pass/rub route combo here. This gets TL on the corner and a three way go with the ball. Great play design. TL goes with the out to ARod.

Renfrow 2, TL 3, ARod 2, JR 1, TA 2, CS 1, ETN 2, Cannon 1, MH 0

Defense 7

  • (0:30 – 2nd) B.T. Potter kickoff for 63 yds , Hassan Hall return for 27 yds to the Lvile 29 1st & 10 at LOU 29
  • (0:15 – 2nd) Jawon Pass pass complete to Colin Wilson for 2 yds to the Lvile 31

Turner 1, Muse 1


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