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3Q Film Part 1, SC ’18: Unstoppable

The key logo has definitions for shorthand and abbreviations. If you rewatch parts of the game, this can be used as a companion piece.

Shorthand Key

3rd Quarter

Offense 7, 15:00, 28-21

(15:00 – 3rd) Will Tommie kickoff for 65 yds for a touchback

  • 1st & 10 at CLEM 25
    (14:49 – 3rd) Travis Etienne run for 8 yds to the Clem 33

JS motion wide, IZ to ETN. He gets in behind JS and MH for good yardage.

  • 2nd & 2 at CLEM 33
    (14:24 – 3rd) Trevor Lawrence pass complete to Amari Rodgers for no gain to the Clem 33

7 in the box. BS off of Counter H action. HR gets beaten on the block causing ARod to get a slow start.

  • 3rd & 2 at CLEM 33
    (13:52 – 3rd) Travis Etienne run for 9 yds to the Clem 42 for a 1ST down

7 in the box vs. 2 TEs. IZ to ETN and he gets in behind JS and MH again. Great block by JF also.

  • 1st & 10 at 50
    (13:45 – 3rd) Travis Etienne run for 8 yds to the 50 yard line for a 1ST down SOUTH CAROLINA Penalty, Face Mask (15 yards) (15 Yards) to the SCaro 35 for a 1ST down

7 man box. OZ to ETN wide. He cuts it up hard between GWill and TA/GC. Gets grabbed by the facemask.

  • 1st & 10 at SC 35
    (12:55 – 3rd) Adam Choice run for 6 yds to the SCaro 29

Counter H wide. Good blocks by GC and GWill. Choice cuts inside and powers for good yardage.

  • 2nd & 4 at SC 29
    (12:28 – 3rd) Adam Choice run for 2 yds to the SCaro 27

OZ to Choice. Good job by MH and JS. GC loses his man and he makes the stop.

We have a personnel issue getting GWill on the field and have to call timeout.

  • 3rd & 2 at SC 27
    (11:44 – 3rd) Etienne, Travis rush for 6 yards to the SOCAROLINA21, PENALTY CLEMSON holding (Hyatt, Mitch) 10 yards to the SOCAROLINA37, NO PLAY.

IZ that ETN took off tackle. I didn’t see the hold.

  • 3rd & 12 at SC 37
    (11:20 – 3rd) Trevor Lawrence pass complete to Hunter Renfrow for 25 yds to the SCaro 12 for a 1ST down

Trips wide. Double move to Renfrow on the, get this, slot post. The DB is not fooled. However, great throw by TL and better catch by HR get us a big gainer.

I like that we give them a taste of their own medicine. Two can play that game. Now let’s hope the defense can stop it this half.





  • 1st & 10 at SC 12
    (10:59 – 3rd) Travis Etienne run for 7 yds to the SCaro 5

Counter H boundary. SC blitzes into the B gap on that side, but it is washed down by MH and JS. Kickout by JF. Seal by GWill. ETN bounces it but can’t quite break a tackle.

  • 2nd & 3 at SC 5
    (10:38 – 3rd) Travis Etienne run for 3 yds to the SCaro 2 for a 1ST down

JS motion wide, IZ to ETN. JF with a pancake. ETN follows him and drags a couple LBs for a first down.  The pancake goes into JS’s legs and he has to come out of the game.

  • 1st & Goal at SC 2
    (10:21 – 3rd) Travis Etienne 2 Yd Run (Greg Huegel Kick)

They bring the SY package and we run over them anyway. ETN follows MH and Bock into the EZ.

I like starting the 2nd half with a good ‘ol fashioned steamrolling.

JS 4, MH 4, ETN 4, HR 1, GC 2, GWill 3, Choice 2, TL 2, JF 3, Bock 1

Defense 7, 10:21, 35-21

(10:21 – 3rd) B.T. Potter kickoff for 64 yds; Deebo Samuel return for 19 yds to the SCaro 20

Good job by Cote, Denzel, and Judah to corral him.


Austin Bryant joins the offensive huddle for SC before they take the field. Killing me.

I guess you can’t say we’re not trying to figure out what they’re doing to us.



  • 1st & 10 at SC 20
    (10:09 – 3rd) Jake Bentley pass complete to Kiel Pollard for 27 yds to the SCaro 47 for a 1ST down

We come right out and drop AB and rush 3.  Not pleased. They come right out and hit the slot post for a big gainer. Un-freaking-believable. More wide open than ever. Fortunately the throw was a little off and he fell down after the catch.

What did we talk about at halftime, how we really need those safeties helping out on the outside WRs?


  • 1st & 10 at SC 47
    (9:58 – 3rd) Jake Bentley pass complete to Deebo Samuel for 11 yds to the Clem 42 for a 1ST down

Tackle Spread. We flip Denzel to the boundary head up on the OTs. Then we have AB jump in the throwing lane at the snap. QB pump fakes and completes the BS anyway.  The two OTs vs. Denzel looks about like you’d expect. Mullen and JD make the stop.

  • 1st & 10 at CLEM 42
    (9:35 – 3rd) Mon Denson run for 1 yd to the Clem 41

IZ. CF, Dex, and CW shut it down.

  • 2nd & 9 at CLEM 41
    (8:50 – 3rd) Jake Bentley sacked by Christian Wilkins for a loss of 9 yards to the 50 yard line

Trips wide. We rush 4. All curls and IS and KJ have them covered up. CW gets through and gets the sack.

  • 3rd & 18 at 50
    (8:43 – 3rd) SOUTH CAROLINA Penalty, False Start (Dylan Wonnum) to the SCaro 45

Trips boundary. Chalk this one up to the crowd. Good job ya’ll.

  • 3rd & 23 at SC 45
    (8:16 – 3rd) Jake Bentley pass incomplete to Kyle Markway

Dime of Doom. QB tries to throw the slot post and, my goodness, would you look at that?  Muse is all over it to end the drive.

4th & 23 at SC 45
(8:08 – 3rd) Joseph Charlton punt for 55 yds for a touchback

He tried the coffin corner, but couldn’t get it.

Cote 1, Denzel 0, Judah 1, Muse 0, Venables -1, Mullen 1, JD 1, CF 1, CW 2, Dex 1, IS 1, KJ 1, Death Valley 1

Offense 8, 8:08, 35-21

  • 1st & 10 at CLEM 20
    (8:03 – 3rd) Trevor Lawrence pass complete to Justyn Ross for 15 yds to the Clem 35 for a 1ST down

RPO IZ/Skinny post boundary. They drop the safety into the box, TL pulls it. TL with a great throw where only JR can get it. The single safety is creeping over to the boundary now. We might want to think about post/seam/slant on the wide side now.

  • 1st & 10 at CLEM 35
    (7:44 – 3rd) Tavien Feaster run for 18 yds to the SCaro 47 for a 1ST down

Trips wide which gets us 6 in the box. IZ boundary. We send the OL straight to the 2nd level and their LBs get destroyed. Cervenka drives his man back 6 yards and deposits him. Bockhorst is not missing a beat so far.

  • 1st & 10 at SC 47
    (7:20 – 3rd) Trevor Lawrence pass incomplete to Justyn Ross

6 in the box. TL looks wide and doesn’t like what he sees. Good pass pro. He rolls boundary, gets a knockdown block tackle from M80 out there and probably should’ve run it. He tries the sideline comebacker, but JR can’t get his feet down in bounds.

  • 2nd & 10 at SC 47
    (7:09 – 3rd) Trevor Lawrence pass complete to Tee Higgins for 34 yds to the SCaro 13 for a 1ST down

7 in the box. TL hits Tee on the Dig route boundary off of BS action. He makes a man miss. Gets a great block from JR and drags 2 defenders into the RZ.

  • 1st & 10 at SC 13
    (6:46 – 3rd) Tavien Feaster 13 Yd Run (Greg Huegel Kick)

Counter H to Feaster. Nice down block from MH and then he gets the backside LB too. Nice kickout from GC. Nice block from M80. JF gets away with a hold. No call. Feaster breaks a tackle, jukes a defender and scores.

TL 2, JR 2, JF 1, TA 1, GC 3, Bock 1, MH 3, Tee 2, M80 1, Feaster 2



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