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Advanced Stats Preview

Advanced Stat Preview: Furman

Furman is an FCS football program out of Greenville, SC that went 8-5 last season, getting knocked out by Wofford in the second round of the playoffs. NC State handled them with a score of 49-16. They run a triple-option offense. I’m expecting Clemson to keep them to a touchdown or less with a shutout very likely.

They have two QB’s co-listed as starters. Freshman JaMar Lincoln wasn’t rated as a high school recruit, but is fast having run the 100m at 11.32s in 2016. Isaiah Simmons doesn’t have a 100m listed, but he ran the 200m in 22.59 as a senior. Lincoln ran the 200m in 24.21. Isaiah Simmons is really fast.

Their other starting QB, Harris Roberts is a current Clemson student and had 13 passes last season. He is 6’4” whereas Lincoln is 6’1”. I suspect Roberts is more of a deep passing threat than Lincoln, but I don’t know for sure. Roberts had 13 passing attempts, 9 completions, for 110 yards. With 631 carries and 249 pass attempts last season, they are a run heavy team that is going to have a very hard time on Saturday.

Kealand Dirks is Furman’s starting RB. At 6’0” and 250 lbs., he’s a load. He ran for over 700 yards last season, averaging 4.7 yards per carry. Furman’s offensive line is on the smaller end, of course, with each starter under 290 and their RT at 280. That RT and Austin Bryant is a huge mismatch. Both weigh the same and Bryant has two inches on him. Wilkins and Lawrence are going to eat.

You may have heard Amir Trapp is a starting CB. I’m expecting him to match up at 2WR, which means Amari Rodgers and Cornell Powell. At 215 lbs., Amari Rodgers is going to have his way with the 170 lb. Trapp. Their other starting CB, Quandarius Weems is 6’1”, 182 lbs., but goes up against a 6’4”, 210 lb. WR. That will be Higgins, Overton, and Ross. If I’m wrong and it’s the other way around, that will be fun to watch too. Our WR’s are just silly.

Football is back. It’s going to be fun.

Clemson – Furman Biggest Mismatches

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