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Advanced Stats Preview

Advanced Stat Preview: Georgia Southern

Georgia Southern is back to its competitive self after firing head coach Tyson Summers in his second year and hiring Chad Lunsford. Lunsford took over last season after Summers went 0-6 and finished the season 2-4. He’s off to a strong start this season dominating South Carolina State and UMass. They are an option team and very effective, rushing 5.8 yards per carry. Of course, they predominantly rush, 87.5% of the time this season so far. They will get you with play action. Shai Werts is passing 68.8% completion rate for 11.4 yards per attempt.

This shouldn’t be a close game, especially with Clemson a 33-point favorite, but Georgia Southern has some talent with 25 3-star players. They rank 111th in’s talent composite. Basically, they are a more athletic version of Furman without the mismatches in size.

Expect us to empty the bench. We may see Simmons and Muse put in conflict on play action occasionally, but it won’t be much of a test with our DL taking away the dive and more. This will be good practice for Georgia Tech next week. The most important part of playing Georgia Southern is to come away healthy and give backups experience.

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