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Advanced Stats Preview

Advanced Stat Preview: Louisville

Louisville has fallen so far they are now the worst team on our schedule outside Furman. They range between 93 (FPI) and 125 (FEI) and Sagarin/S&P+ has them at 98/99. They give up a lot of sacks, can’t run the ball efficiently, pass efficiently, or play defense well. About the only thing they do well is pull off a big running play once in a while (ranked 34). As a 40-point favorite, this is the largest spread Clemson has seen in a very long time and Vegas expects our backups to dominate.

Jawon Pass is having a rough year, connecting on only 55% of his passes for 5.6 yards per attempt. Jaylen Smith is a good WR, but he’s only catching 51% of his targets. Their RB’s aren’t anything special. One battle I’m interested to see is how well LT Mekhi Becton pass protects. He’s listed at 6’7”, 355 lbs. on their depth chart but said a few days ago he’s playing at 340. That’s a big guy. I haven’t watched Louisville but look forward to seeing how well he matches up with Ferrell.

Other than that, I’m expecting a relaxing Saturday afternoon where we see our depth. I’m also expecting a big day from Etienne and some downfield passing fireworks from Lawrence.


S&P+ Stat Profiles found here.

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