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Clemson — Louisville Talent Overview

Hi CPaws,

Last week was about as good as it gets. I remember in 1998/2000 when we got beat so bad the channel switched to another game in progress to avoid prosecution from the FCC for televising a murder. It was so rewarding to be able to pay that favor back. Looking ahead to Louisville, this team really has nothing to play for and a coach that is employed by virtue of the school’s basketball scandal — they don’t have a wealth of talent either.


Depth Chart

On offense, the QB and Dez Fitzpatrick are the only bright spots. The Oline is made up of three stars like we saw with FSU. On defense the WLB (Avery) and SS (Smith) are low 4 stars, and the rest are 3 stars.


Individual Ratings

Clemson has 13 of the top 15 highest rated players.


Their offense is experienced (3.46yrs on average, to our 3.18yrs), but their defense is relatively young (3.09yrs to our 3.55yrs).



I expect this one to be about as ugly as the last 3 games have been, maybe uglier. UL has been getting blown out by everyone in the ACC except FSU. Their only wins came against Indiana State (31-7) and Western Kentucky (20-17) in the first 3 weeks of the season. This game should be a scrimmage for us.

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