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Clemson moves to 11-0 with win over Deacons

Clemson jumped out early, as we tend to do this year, built a lead, and then just wandered around for 3 quarters or so while the defense strangled Wake Forest to death slowly. This is going to sound like I’m pissed, and I’m not, but now every game means something, and we have things that still need addressing.

There is a trend here, and it concerns me. We have to stomp on their throats when we get them down, there is only one team left on the schedule that might wilt when we crush them early, and that’s the Cluckers. We should’ve beaten Wake by 50 today. We just have these ebbs and flows in games lately and we’re better than that.

We turn the ball over too much, and lost the turnover battle again this week. One is almost always from our horrendous ST return game. I’m upset that every return has to be a fair catch because the gunner basically arrives at the same time as the ball, but at this point I’m just happy they catch the ball without turning it over. How is it though with all the 4/5-star speed we sign, that we can’t get 10 yards on a punt return, ever? Those yards don’t matter against Wake Forest but they’ll matter soon.

The blame for Watson’s INTs this year have been split between him not seeing guys and a WR not fighting for the ball. Today he made one horrid throw and another underthrown ball was picked (and then Cain quit trying to tackle the guy, and decided to watch the rest of the play), but I’m not worried about Watson blowing a game, Watson is great. I’m more worried about the overall trend of turnovers for the last month. You can’t turn the ball over anymore. Every game from now on means something.

Losing Crowder and Gallman had a definite effect on our running game, with the QB’s leading the way in yardage. That shouldn’t happen against WF. We have all these RBs and I guess none of them can do anything. Hopefully we’ll have everyone back for the next two games.

The defense today was markedly better.  Last week we were unprepared, this week we were dialed in. LB play was better, but the Safety gap-fill issue still showed up a few times. We all know that WF doesn’t have the players to expose any real problems though. We crushed them like we should have, and I’m happy with the performance. I expect the same next week.

I’m still drinking the kool-aid, I don’t believe anyone on the schedule can beat us, I’m more scared that we’ll turn the ball over, ST will put us in a bad spot, and then dick around and beat ourselves. UNC isn’t going to beat us unless we do that, SC definitely isn’t.

Now lets play to our potential and put 80 points on those sumbitches next week. Billy Brice should be all orange by halftime.



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