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All Clemson Team 1978-2017

The Kraken’s obsession with Clemson football started as a wee little minnow way back in 1978. Since that time, he has seen a lot of Clemson football and has compiled a list of, in his humble opinion, the best Clemson football players in his lifetime. With apologies to many of the great players before 1978 that he did not see, here is this lifetime compilation.

For the basis of my rankings, I will use these 5 factors:

The Five Factors for determining each player’s rank amongst the other greats at his position are as follows:

  1. Importance to Clemson on and off the field as a Player and Person
  2. Awards and Formal Recognition
  3. Championships and Wins
  4. Statistical Validation (relative to his era)
  5. NFL Validation of Talent Level

Due to that 5th factor, the rankings are fluid and players still in the NFL can move up a little bit with stellar professional performance. Here is the 2016 Class and where I think they rank among all Clemson players since 1978.