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Davis Allen

Tight End, 2019 Commit


Calhoun, GA

The Kraken: High 3-Stars

Rivals: 3-Stars, 247: 3-Stars, ESPN: High 3-Stars

Recruited by Brandon Streeter, Danny Pearman

2/27/19 – It’s time to check back in on TE/LB Davis Allen and see how he performed during his senior year. As always, I agree with everything I wrote further below except for these adjustments.

Allen figures to be the blocking TE of this class and even wears #44 like Garrett Williams. One thing that is apparent is that he looks taller on film this year, and I do think he is closer to 6’5″ now. His technique as a blocker, especially his ability to get low, will serve him well on the next level. He is going to need to get stronger, but that’s a given for an 18 year old.

Allen is a better receiver than Williams. He is not fast by any means, but he has good hands and with positioning, can be a reliable target. He runs solid routes already and has a great catch radius as well.

I’m going to stick with the high-3 star rating, but he is close to being a low-4. If he just had a touch more speed and wiggle, he would be a 4 in my opinion. You have to love that frame though, and really, we need him to start filling it out asap with our depth issues at TE.  If he shows up at 240+, I expect him to avoid a redshirt and compete for a spot in the two deep this fall. I’ll also reiterate that I’m so glad we got him away from Wake and VT who use the TE more than we do. I think he’d be All ACC material (like Bucky Hodges and Cam Serigne) in either of their systems.

6/17/18 – Davis Allen is a TE from Calhoun, GA and attends the same high school (Calhoun High) as Brannon and Baylon Spector. He currently has offers from Ole Miss, USF, Virginia Tech, and Wake Forest.

I feel like his height and weight are a little exaggerated here. He’s listed between 6’4″ and 6’6″ and I’d say he’s closer to 6’3.” I’d say his weight is somewhere between 200 and 210. Allen plays TE and MLB for Calhoun High. The team wins a lot of games and is well coached. I’m sure that is something the staff likes as they seem to be establishing a pipeline similar to the one at Grayson.

Stop me if you’ve read this before, but Allen’s top end speed is just average, however he has good acceleration allowing him to get to his top speed quickly. He has better speed running sideline to sideline on scrapes as a MLB, but we’re not going to be asking him to replicate that as a TE a whole lot (just on swap boots and drags). Allen has good body control and flexibility. I don’t want to undersell his athleticism too much here because he’s not fast. He is a good athlete and his hands appear to be good. There’s just not a ton of film of catching the ball and running routes.

There is a lot of film of him being tough. With or without the ball in his hands, he shows that he will accelerate into contact. He is a stiff player that leads with his head and makes forceful missile hits with a low center of gravity.

Allen is a good route runner that knows how to give the QB a big target and use his body to screen off defenders. He plays basketball and averages 8.2 rebounds per game, so perhaps that technique is drilled into him. They primarily use him on drags, seam, and run the same TE screen we used against Miami for a TD in 2015.

As a blocker on the edge, he has good technique and willingness to block. As an in-line blocker, his technique is excellent. He fires out low, fast, and with bad intentions. He gets a fit position and rolls his hips.  It’s very impressive how low he can get for his height. In a game where “low man wins,” this will serve him well. With the pulling that we ask the TE to do on counter plays, he should be effective.

He is going to have to add weight to be effective at Clemson, but the blocking aspect of his game jumps out on film. We need this. As good as our TEs have been under Dabo as receivers, they haven’t been complete TEs lately. I feel like our offense would work best with a Michael Palmer/Dwayne Allen type as opposed to a Brandon Ford/Jordan Leggett type. That is not a slight to Ford and Leggett who were great players here, it’s just that a complete TE makes the defense have to honor the physicality in the box or pay the price.

I’m not surprised that Wake Forest and Virginia Tech want this kid. He would be a great fit at either school, so at the very least, it’s good that we won’t have to face him. I love the toughness he brings and think he could develop into a starter by his junior year. He must add weight though. It has to be good weight too, because he doesn’t need to lose any speed or athleticism. Much like Sam Cooper and Cannon Smith, he is going to help us on special teams regardless of whether or not he starts as a TE here. Right now, I think he is pretty much guaranteed to redshirt as a true freshman, and at the same time, guaranteed to play as a redshirt freshman. I have him as a high 3-Star recruit because I like the way he plays and I look forward to checking in on him after his senior year.

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