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Demonte Capehart

Defensive Tackle, 2020 Commit

6’5″/ 275

Hartsville, SC

The Kraken: 4-Stars

Rivals: 4-Stars, 247: High 4-Stars, ESPN: 4-Stars

Recruited by Todd Bates

3/11/19 – Demonte Capehart is an elite-level in-state DT prospect. Capehart committed at Dabo’s camp last June and became the first commitment of the 2020 class. At the time of his commitment, he was a 5-Star, but he has seen some slippage down to a 4/Hi 4. Still, he is rated by 247 as the #2 DT prospect nationally for this class.

Capehart is taller and leaner than most DT prospects. I have little doubt that both his great top end speed and his quickness off the ball will translate to the next level. He has great acceleration in pursuit and can get lateral in a hurry. I think his height is legit and his weight is not too far off from 270. I have to expect him to play his HS senior season at 275+ next year. He plays 4-3 DT and 3-4 DE for his HS team in Hartsville.

Demonte is not a finished product, but he is off to a good start getting there. He does a lot of things well, like slanting/looping, that we will ask him to do. He is a havoc-style DT for sure and a versatile one at that. The one glaring issue he has is standing up at the snap and being too high. This is something that a lot of great HS DL do because they can get away with it and they are athletic enough to make plays like a LB. Back in the day, with more man-blocking schemes, he’d catch a helmet to the knee from a 200-pound OG a few times and cut that out. Now, the OL pop up in zone or pass pro a lot more. The times he does fire out low though, he is very powerful and that is a good sign.

The most impressive thing on film is that a couple teams run the midline option at him out of respect. In other words, they can’t block him, so they’ll option him. Unfortunately for them, he is often more athletic than the QB and RB, so the play ends in disaster at the mesh point. Good stuff.

With his athleticism and skill set, he could be a strong side DE for us if he doesn’t add the weight, but like a few of the guys from the 2019 class, the staff likely expects him to gain weight and stay inside. Still, I’d like to see the weight on him and how it affects his athleticism before I give him too high of a rating. So, at this point, I see him as a 4-Star recruit with upside. I look forward to checking back in on him after his senior year.

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