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Throughout the articles here, there are terms that I will use and assume that you know the meaning.  In case you are not sure about a specific term, I have this page to refer back to where I will have the definition or a link to the article with the definition. I’ll keep adding to this as needed and if you see a term you don’t understand that isn’t listed here,

  • Attack All Areas of the Field – The hallmark of an Elite Level Offense. An offense that can legitimately threaten the defense everywhere including the run game inside the OTs and outside the OTs. They can also get receivers with ball skills open and have a QB that can get the ball to them accurately on short, medium, and long distance throws.
  • Big Boy TeamLink
  • Body on the Barbwire – Sacrifice his body for his teammates
  • Bottom Feeder TeamLink
  • Cleanup Guy – The guy after the splatter guy, responsible for putting the ball carrier on the ground.
  • Conflict Player – Defensive player (most often the WS in our system) that the QB/OC is reading to determine how to attack the defense.
  • Elite ProgramLink
  • Elite TeamLink
  • Excellent: A player performs amongst the top 1% in this area.
  • Favorite Scottish Philosopher – Bon Scott, lead singer of AC/DC 1974-1980.
  • Genius Kid Syndrome – Clemson; the kid that sits on the back of  the class bored and unmotivated until challenged.
  • Gift of Gap – A Linebacker so naturally good at understanding angles and reading offenses that he can take his run fit at great speed with minimal contact (ex. Junior Seau skip to 0:52, Kendall Joseph), and most importantly, be able to do it consistently and not be caught playing unsound by the offense. Very rare.
  • Good: A player performs better than average in this area.
  • Great: A player performs amongst the top 10% in this area.
  • LOS – Line of Scrimmage
  • Man Strength – The increase in power and functional strength that happens between the ages of 21-23.
  • Meaningful Snaps – 1. On CPaws; Game action where the outcome is undecided and the game is still in the balance. 2. By a football coach; A player learning from his practice/game reps.
  • Plus Play = Soundly winning a 1 on 1 battle to where it affects the result of the play positively for the team.
  • Quality Snaps – Snaps played by a player who knows what he’s doing, can play fast, and execute his assignment.
  • Ready For Primetime – Ready to play meaningful snaps.
  • Splatter Guy – The first guy to arrive in the backfield or on a kick return. He attacks hard and forces the ball carrier to use his best move to evade him (see also: Cleanup Guy)
  • Steering Wheel – The breast plate of the shoulder pads on a DL’s chest. Where the OL can grab and manipulate the DL with no holding call.
  • Synergistic Trend – Overachievement above talent level leads to better recruiting which leads to better performance on the field which leads to better recruiting, and on and on.

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