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Logan Cash

Defensive Line, 2019 Commit, Fall Enrollee

6’3″/ 270

Winder, GA

The Kraken: High 3-Stars

Rivals: High 3-Stars, 247: High 3-Stars, ESPN: High 3-Stars

Recruited by Todd Bates

1/16/19 – I’m revisiting Logan Cash after his senior season of high school. I agree with everything I wrote below except for these adjustments.

I didn’t see a whole lot of difference between his junior and senior year. Then again, there was less film out there. This may be unfair, but I did not see development from a skills and athleticism standpoint. His production also dropped from an eye-popping 23.5 sacks last year to just 5 in 7 games this year. Therefore, I’m dropping my grade down from a 4 to a High 3-Star. If you follow recruiting, you know we have a lot of tweener DE/DTs in this class and a lot of openings at DT. I think he’s probably going to end up finding a home at DT.

7/2/18 –  Logan Cash is a DL commit from the east of Atlanta area that we so often mine for great talent. Cash chose Clemson over his other finalists, Ohio State, Miami, and Georgia Tech. Cash led the state of Georgia in sacks last year as a junior. He said the he chose Clemson because of the family atmosphere, location, and facilities.

Cash is a big dude and carries a lot of weight in his lower body. I’d say his listed size of 6’2″ to 6’3″ and 255 is pretty accurate. He plays bigger and stronger than he looks. Cash gets off the ball well and has great acceleration for a guy his size. His top end speed is not great, but that gets masked by great angles and a great motor.

Cash plays with an edge, is scrappy, and gets his hands dirty. He’s a rhinoceros in his desire to get to the football. He is the type of havoc player that fits into our scheme.

Against the run, he shows the ability to control two gaps as a 5-technique.  He does a great job with his hands controlling the line of scrimmage and shedding OL. Some of the bigger OL he faces can’t square up on him and the smaller ones get run over (along with some of the bigger ones). Several times on film, he makes a TFL while still engaged by the OT. There are also TFLs where he is double-teamed by the TE and OT. The offense tries to get outside him and he still makes the play in the backfield. Perhaps a weakness would be in contain. He gets down the line so fast that offenses can bootleg/misdirection him, but there are a couple clips of him thwarting that also.

As a pass rusher, he has excellent instincts to go along with the acceleration. However the OT decides to play him, he exploits the weakness. If the OT is hurrying to get outside and stop his speed, he gets inside him and redirects. If the OT decides to wait on him to make his move, he bull rushes him into the backfield. Cash has an excellent bull rush and a solid arsenal of rush moves including an outside rip and spin. Opponents will try to chip him with the RB to stop his speed rush and he blows that up, at times, in spectacular fashion.

Stylistically, he reminds me of Nebraska/Titans, Lions DE, Kyle Vanden Bosch. You can see the motor, but it’s hard to see any one skill or attribute that makes him that dominant. Yet, he is that dominant and you can’t ignore his production as the Georgia state leader in sacks. With the power he shows as a HS junior, and the depth we have at DE, he’s also a candidate to gain weight and move to DT. Personally, I think putting him at DT would be the best thing for the team. Either way, I love this take. I have him a 4-Star recruit with a lot of upside. Certainly HS offenses are going to strategize against him next year and I can’t wait to see how he does.

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