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Mason Trotter

Offensive Guard, 2019 Greyshirt Commit

6’3″/ 270

Roebuck, SC

The Kraken: Hi 2-Stars

Rivals: 2-Stars 247: 2-Stars ESPN: NR

Recruited by Robbie Caldwell, Dabo Swinney

2/7/19 – Mason Trotter is a greyshirt commit that signed with Clemson on the February signing day. Trotter was 2nd Team All State and selected to the Shrine Bowl. It was reported that he was prepared to take a preferred walk-on spot with the Tigers instead of taking a scholarship offer from Louisville. However, Dabo and Caldwell came through with a greyshirt offer and Trotter signed with the Tigers. A greyshirt is just a delayed scholarship offer because we’re full. Typically a scholarship will open up post-spring and he will likely get it and enroll in the fall.

The first thing that jumps out on film are the measurables. He definitely looks like he weighs less than 270 and I wonder about the 6’3″ listing as well. If I had to guess his exact height/weight on film, I would say 6’2″/255. Then again, it has been a long time since the staff has signed an OL that undersized. I’m willing to concede that he may be bigger than that, and maybe more importantly, has gotten bigger since the end of the season (thus drawing the late greyshirt offer). I considered the idea that this could be our quick fix as a blocking TE, Patrick Destafano-style, but I think there’s a slim chance of that happening.

Most of his highlights are him out in space, either as a puller or on a combo, against smaller players with a running start. This is tough to evaluate because you could put say, Ben Boulware, in the same spot on the HS level and get similar highlights. Still, Trotter moves well and does drop the hammer when he gets there. There are some clips of him blocking bigger players out of a stance, getting under their pads, and moving them. There are also clips of him playing a “Pagano-style” DT where he is able to beat his man with leverage and power. Both of those are encouraging.

Trotter has a great motor and plays through the whistle. He wants to dominate the opponent and won’t stop until they are dominated. Out last greyshirt OL, Cade Stewart, was the same way in HS, except he was noticeably bigger than Trotter. Trotter has better technique at the point of attack and that’s where a lot of his success comes from. He is flat-backed with a forward lean, rolls the hips, and sends guys flying backwards. If he can’t get a fit position, his upper-body strength is on display and that’s where he matches up well with most OL prospects we recruit.

I think he’s a High 2-Star recruit and an interior OL all the way. He is certainly a prospect that could develop into a player if he works hard. Being a scholarship guy instead of a walk-on will help with pre-determined opportunity. However, I think he’s a redshirt/scout team guy next year and he has to watch Putnam, Boateng, and Rayburn get moved ahead of him in the pecking order. Then, in the spring of 2020, when Simpson, Pollard, and Cervenka have moved on, he can challenge for a spot in the 3-deep. If he can continue to hold his spot and then have his man-strength kick in, he can contribute as a junior and start as a senior. That is a long way off and a lot can happen between now and then.

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