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Offensive Production Per Snap 2018

Who were the most productive Tigers in 2018? Using a pretty simple concept, my own film reviews and the number of snaps played, we will take a look at that here. First up is the offense and, in the next post, we will look at the defense.

What I did here is simply take all players that played at least 100 snaps on offense, tally up the points I handed out to them in film reviews over the season, and divide that by the number of snaps they played. This gives us a percentage that answers the question: On what percentage of plays did each player have a “plus-play?” A plus-play is basically completing your assignment and beating the man in front of you in dominant fashion.

Below, I have charted this out by position with returning players in bold. A couple things to consider when looking at this. 1. The backup players are often coming into the game with fresh legs against spent starters or against fellow backups from teams with less depth. 2. A plus-play on special teams happens without a snap. So, for players on special teams, that is like getting extra points. Comments and observations below.

Obviously, Trevor Lawrence really turned it on in the playoffs, especially against Alabama. However, based on what was asked of them during the season, Brice and Lawrence were pretty much identical on a play by play basis. I think the biggest contributors to this were the play-calling and the fact that Brice is so much better with the zone read. In garbage time, we call a lot of run plays, so that’s what most of Brice’s snaps were.

At RB, Dixon and Etienne both finished in the top 7 in yards per carry nationally, so it’s no surprise they are at the top of the RBs by a large margin. Both of them are coming back, and you’d have to think that Dixon would be able to step up into the backup role next year. WR is interesting because #1 and #2 play the same position and we’re losing our #3 and #4 most productive WRs.

J.C. Chalk really improved as a blocker last season and that is reflected by his production per snap. With Braden Galloway possibly being suspended for the season and GWill mulling over moving on, Chalk could end up being the starter next year. Also moving on is Milan Richard, who was the least productive player on offense last year.

On the OL, you can see it was the 2s that led in production per snap across the board. Much maligned to start the season, these guys came in and the offense didn’t miss a beat all year. There were several games where they came in fresh and dominated the opposing teams starters. This shows that, even though we lose two starters, from a depth standpoint, we should be in great shape.

Overall Production

  • QB, Trevor Lawrence, 113
  • LT, Mitch Hyatt, 105
  • RB, Travis Etienne, 99
  • WR, Tee Higgins, 81
  • LG, John Simpson, 81
  • C, Justin Falcinelli, 76
  • RG, Gage Cervenka, 65
  • RT, Tremayne Anchrum, 65
  • 5WR, Hunter Renfrow, 64
  • RG, Sean Pollard, 58
  • 2WR, Amari Rodgers, 54
  • TE, Garrett Williams, 54
  • 9WR, Justyn Ross, 53
  • RB, Tavien Feaster, 37
  • RB, Adam Choice, 35
  • 5WR, Trevion Thompson, 34
  • RB, Lyn-J Dixon, 30
  • LG, Matt Bockhorst, 28
  • LT, Jackson Carman, 28
  • 2WR, Derion Kendrick, 28
  • RG, Cade Stewart, 26
  • TE, J.C. Chalk, 26
  • QB, Chase Brice, 26
  • 9WR, Diondre Overton, 25

74.5% of the points I handed out were to returning players in 2019. 7 of the 10 most productive players overall will return in 2019. That seems like a lot for National Championship winning offense. The defense, of course, is going to be a different story.

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