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Path to the Playoff: Week 10

Alabama is the super-villain that kills everything it comes across, but we came to the point in the movie where we realize it’s possible to defeat it. Sure, a powerful secondary character gets knocked off, but we didn’t have much emotional attachment anyway. It’s possible to slow down Alabama’s offense. That’s all we need to know. Trevor Lawrence, Tee Higgins, Travis Etienne, and mystery savior TE need to keep leveling up.

The bad thing about dominating opposition is that they haven’t been fully tested in a game yet. A&M seems a long time ago and Clemson isn’t the same team. I want to see Lawrence hit those downfield throws, Etienne keep pass protecting, and Higgins take over a game. Higgins has a next level to reach where he dominates ala Mike Williams. We’ll need that against Alabama or even Michigan. We also need a pass catching TE to emerge or go 4-wide.

Main contenders for the Playoff include Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame, and the winner of Michigan/Ohio State or Oklahoma/West Virginia (2x). Michigan is not the same team that faced Notre Dame in the opening week. They have developed their offensive identity and turned into a dangerous team. Ohio State will give them their best, but I’m hoping we see Michigan curb stomp them. The Big12’s crazy conference championship game will probably be a back-to-back Oklahoma/West Virginia match. They better hope the winner of the first game repeats. Georgia is an Alabama upset away from winning the SEC and making it in, may we not see such evil.

The winner of the Big10 East will probably face Northwestern, currently 5-4. The PAC-12 South is just as bad as the ACC Coastal. The winner could be one of four teams still. The ACC Coastal, surprisingly, is tamer with Pitt as the leading contender, followed by Virginia, and Virginia Tech. Miami’s three game slide, losing to Duke this weekend, officially (per me) knocks them out. I do not have any confidence in these three teams to take control (win out).

2018 Schedule (S&P+ Rank)
  • Furman – W
    • Beat Chattanooga 16-10
  • Texas A&M (24) – L
    • Lost to Auburn 28-24
    • Mond passed for 6.9 yards/att.; 50% completion rate
  • Georgia Southern (69) – L
    • Lost to Louisiana-Monroe 44-25
  • Georgia Tech (60) – W
    • Beat UNC 38-28
    • Oliver passed 2/2 for 104 yards!
  • Syracuse (58) – W
    • Beat Wake Forest 41-24
    • Dungey passed for 4.5 yards/att.; 65.7%
    • +3 turnover margin
  • Wake Forest (87) – L
    • Lost to Syracuse
  • NC State (40) – W
    • Beat Florida State 47-28
    • Finley passed for 8.9 yards/att.; 77.8%
  • Florida State (75) – L
    • Gave their best effort
  • Louisville (104) – L
    • “Lost” is one way to put it
  • Boston College (38) – W
    • Beat Virginia Tech 31-21
    • AJ Dillon limited to 4.0 yards/carry
  • Duke (45) – W
    • Beat Miami 20-12
    • Allowed 6.8 yards/ carry (!!!)
    • Passed for 3.9 yards/att.
  • South Carolina (53) – W
    • Beat Ole Miss 48-44
    • Bentley passed for 11.3 yards/att.; 68.8%

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