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Path to the Playoff: Week 9

This week we had a lot of upsets in the 15-25 range, but status quo among the Playoff contenders. Georgia eliminated Florida and Oklahoma State eliminated Texas. We’re still looking at Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame, then the Michigan/Ohio State winner or Oklahoma. I’m thinking Oklahoma would make it in over Ohio State but not Michigan.

I have a hard time seeing Georgia upset Alabama, but that’s what they need to do to make it in barring lots of craziness. They need to beat Kentucky next week and Auburn, both of which should happen.

In terms of conference championships, Michigan or Ohio State might play Northwestern. Clemson might play Virginia. Washington State or Washington might play Utah. Alabama playing Kentucky could also happen. It’s been a weird season.

Next weekend we have a big Coastal match up between Pittsburgh and Virginia on Saturday night (seriously, yikes). Virginia Tech and Boston College should be good and is a must win game for VPI. West Virginia plays Texas to keep Big12 hopes alive. Purdue fights Iowa for a shot at winning the Big10 West. Michigan faces Penn State as their last obstacle before Ohio State. Beat Penn State and the odds of Georgia making it as a 10-2 team drop substantially. Of course, you will hear about Alabama-LSU and Georgia-Kentucky all week, but we all know you will be glued to those ACC Coastal battles.

All of a sudden, we’re down the home stretch. There are lots of games with title implications next weekend. The biggest one we care about, though, is Clemson continuing its march towards greatness with a dominant win over Louisville.

2018 Schedule (S&P+ Rank)

  • Furman – W
    • Beat the Citadel 28-17
  • Texas A&M (26) – L
    • Lost to Mississippi State 28-13
    • Mond passed for 5.0 yards per attempt; 50% completion rate
  • Georgia Southern (61) – W
    • Beat Appalachian State 34-14
  • Georgia Tech (63) – W
    • Beat Virginia Tech 49-28
    • Ran for 6.0 yards per carry on 78 carries
  • Syracuse (51) – W
    • Beat NC State 51-41
    • Both Finley and Dungey excellent with 10.8 yards per attempt
    • NC State WR Kelvin Harmon with 247 yards on 11 receptions
  • Wake Forest (88) – W
    • Beat Louisville 56-35
    • Ran for 7.7 yards per carry
  • NC State (35) – L
  • Florida State (68) – L
    • Dropped 11 spots in S&P+
  • Louisville (97) – L
  • Boston College (38) – W
    • Beat Miami 27-14
    • Miami passed for 3.8 yards per attempt; 48.7% completion rate
  • Duke (35) – L
    • Lost to Pitt 54-45
    • Allowed 9.3 yards per carry (484 yards)
    • Dropped 9 spots
  • South Carolina (52) – W
    • Beat Tennessee 27-24
    • SC RB Rico Dowdle ran for 140 yards on 14 carries

S&P+ ranks found here.

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