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Rapid Reaction: Tigers Clinch Division with 27-7 Victory vs BC

Clemson actually played pretty much how I expected tonight. I did not think BC would really be able to move the ball very much against us, aside from possibly A.J. Dillon. I also said last week that their defensive style would present problems for our OL, and they did. We shut Dillon down and took out their QB, so there was really no danger of losing, but it didn’t look like it should have.

Clemson D was lights out. Only 104 yards allowed in total. Nothing to give but praise. I figured Dillon would get some yards, but the D shut them out and Dillon didn’t get shit. Cold weather musta got em, I don’t know how it didn’t affect us, since ESPN said it would hurt us because you know it never gets below 40 down here.

I wanted to see someone give Trevor Lawrence a lot of looks on defense before we got to the playoff, and BC probably gave the best pressure looks since DC Mike Elko did in College Station. Sunshine has a lot of film to look at this week in review of this game. Alabama will do the same things to us. BC took a lot of chances and their staff could see, likely from the A&M film, that we don’t handle pressures well from the outside.  We also can’t handle a bulky DL that does a lot more 2-gapping, for the 20th year in a row it seems. Anchrum was beaten up and down the field by Zach Allen. He simply did not move his feet, lunged, and once you lunge at the waist, its over for a Tackle. Allen just kicked his ass with every move he had. Our interior line were their typical selves. One good play, and the next one I want to throw the remote at the wall. We still cannot get anywhere up the A-gaps sometimes, and if we need a single yard or two, we can’t get it the old fashioned way.

Neither Duke or SC can do the things at DL that BC did, but the playoff will be a different story.

In addition, I believe ScElliott had too many WTF calls tonight. Some were great, some I just didn’t understand. First, BC blitzes every other play, and we’re not adjusting to it well. We call plays that took too long to develop. When they blitz, its off the edge, where you need only run a little slant or drag route with Ross or hit a TE like Galloway on a quick hitch, and bust their asses every time. I mean, if they send 7, then it’s 1 vs 1 deep and nobody can be left over the middle. Is Elliott going to say “Well they were taking ____ away from us” again this week? We’re better at every position.

Etienne had only 11 carries and still had 7ypc. He never got the ball in the 2nd half. Why?

Ross only had 3 catches, why?

Kick coverage? Awful. ST in general had bad discipline in the lanes, Potter can’t get it deep, Punting is a shitshow, and I dont know what the hell TJ Chase is doing out there, but it’s not football. Rodgers should’ve gotten the call on the kick interference, but no turnover is excusable on ST. Thankfully, he made up for it.

So I’m just glad the game is over. Tons to work on for the offense in recognizing pressures and adjusting to them. Pearman should’ve been fired years ago. Sunshine needs to get more accurate on the deep ball – this is a must for Alabama’s secondary (Tee Higgins should’ve caught the one however).

But we got two big goals squared away, 10 Wins and locked up the Division. See no reason why we won’t finish  two other goals coming up against the Cluckers and Pitt.

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