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Rapid Reaction: Tigers Feast on Cardinals

That right there is what you call an ass whooping. I’m just disappointed we didn’t break 82. If we’d wanted 100 we could’ve broken that by the start of the 4th.

Clemson’s offense has generally peaked and turned it up in the 2nd half of the season over the last few years, and this year is no different. I don’t see any reason not to take Clemson to cover the spread against anyone remaining on the schedule, and again in the ACCCG. We’re going to murder USuCk and it’ll be glorious.

There’s not much to say about this game, we started running all over them and the coaches stuck with it. Etienne had 8-153, Feaster took a 70 yarder on his first snap and finished with 6-101, and Dixon needed only 4 carries to hit 116 yards. 37 carries for 492 yards, 13.3 ypc, 5 TDs and Big Dex even got a score on a FB Dive. TL threw 2 TDs with only 8/12 for 59 yards and Brice threw 3TDs with only 6 completions. Just the most efficient offensive day humanly possible. Only 22 min of possession time. Louisville never got off the bus.

Clemson’s defense was similarly dominant, aside from basically two drives, despite being back on the field every 5 minutes because the offense was just so good. One drive early on where we just weren’t playing tight coverage and were getting caught in some stunts and gap exchanges, which resulted in a FG, and one with the backups in during garbage time late in the game. I did, however, question some effort by those backups late in the game. Some guys looked pretty lackadaisical on some plays in coverage and on tackling.

But you can’t complain much about scrimmaging a HS team like we did this afternoon.

Next week Clemson has BC, and honestly I do believe their DL will cause us some issues. Defensively, this team plays much like the good BC teams of years ago. They are very gap sound and play very well up front which historically gives our OL fits. I’m curious to see if we can run the ball well next week.  I do not think they can match up with us in the back end of the defense athletically, but they also play very sound fundamentally back there too. In any case, I’d expect a comfortable victory.



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