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Rapid Reaction: Tigers Scalp the Noles in Tallahassee

I really didn’t think the game would end so perfectly coming in; we know FSU has talent on paper. Jimbo never had a class that wasn’t excellently rated, so I knew if they were up for a game, the speed and talent was there to give us a real fight. Apparently the ability is not.

I have a few comments to make in general today. The first is on our run game, which I knew would be overhyped after the way we ran all over WF, and as you have all seen has come back to Earth over the last 2 weeks. This is basically how a run game against Alabama’s DL would go. In any event, I don’t understand why an OC would 1) call every rush as an inside zone up the A-gap, 2) call said play with the backup Center and RG, and most importantly, 3) against the best DL we’ll face outside of the playoffs this season. No wonder Etienne can’t get it going. Call a sweep for Amari, call a stretch play, get the DL moving sideways. Give yourself a chance to run it. Running right at a good DT with the backup C/RG doesn’t make a ton of sense to me.

Scoring with a FB Dive and an Isolation play with Wilkins from the I-formation makes up for some of it, since I about jumped 5 feet in the air when the fat kid scored, but I don’t get the run calls in general from ScElliott today.

I was worried about how Sunshine would react to a DL that can get in his face similar to how A&M did, but he handled it very well. The OL did not do well to help him to start. He was a little slow to start in reading and reacting, but by the 2nd Q he was slinging it out of there as soon as he got the snap. He stepped up in the pocket and got rid of the ball, and our WRs can catch just about anything that gets near them.

Special Teams returns did well, but we got beat on several PRs because the gunner basically went unchallenged to the returner. We let them get by us far too often there, and then he has to call fair catch too much. The defender on the gunner has to get his hands into the chest of the gunner at the LOS and knock him backwards to give the returner a better chance.

Clemson’s DL did about how I expected today against an awful FSU front 5. I was hoping for a few more sacks however. Akers was bottled up from the start. I don’t know how FSU’s OL has been this bad for years. I guess Fisher let Rick Trickett collect a paycheck for nothing because these guys have looked uncoached for a long time now. As you may remember, when Francois played against us 2 years ago, we hammered him just as bad as we did today. I have to give it to the guy, he gets the shit beat out of him on every other play and he just gets up and slings it again. His receivers missed a couple catchable balls early today that might have given them momentum, but after the roughing penalty on Huegel gave it to us, I think they just checked out.

Clemson’s DBs are getting better, moreso at Corner, but I did see a lot of those hitches/comeback routes get completed because we were playing them 5-7 yards off. Don’t quite understand that one. Also a few seam routes were hit that probably should not have been if we were playing tighter coverage. I would hope that we face another good pass offense, but I don’t see it on the remaining schedule, so they may not be sufficiently tested at Safety until the playoff.

If I heard the announcers right, this tied for the worst loss for FSU ever at home. I remember the 90s. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving fanbase. I do hope they @ me all the advanced stats of the game today, because they always love their advanced stats in Florida. With us giving Miami their worst ass-beating too, UF better not schedule Clemson anytime soon.

We may beat L’ville worse than FSU coming up, and I’m not sure Petrino finishes the season up there.

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