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Renfrow Takes the Gloves Off: 4Q Film 2, WF ’18

The key logo has definitions for shorthand and abbreviations. If you rewatch parts of the game, this can be used as a companion piece.

Shorthand Key

4th Quarter

Offense 16, 6:08, 56-3

1st and 10, C30

Ben Batson in at QB. On 1st down, IZ to Choice for 1. On 2nd down, Counter H. CS seals the DE, Chalk kicks out the LB. LJD cuts it up and gets 3. On 3rd and 6, they bring the Sam. We go Speed option to the boundary. Miscommunication between Giella and Bockhorst ends up with Bockhorst on the ground. Giella misses his block. Batson keeps it and gets 3.

CS 1, Chalk 1, Bockhorst -1, Giella -1

Renfrow’s punt is fielded at the 21. 42 yard punt. Muse forces the PR into his own man for the stop. The legend of Hunter Renfrow continues to grow.

Defense 16, 4:13, 56-3

1st and 10, W21

On 1st down, they go with IZ and the RB plods ahead for a couple. Good surge by JWill and KJH, the RB gets behind the LG moving XK back. On 2nd and 7, we bring Judah off the edge. They go IZ again and Judah gets there to make the stop for no gain.  On 3rd and 7, they try the Dart again which pulls the OT leaving KJH with a free run to the mesh. KJH gets the RB for a loss of 3. JWill with a nice shed to be there as well…PUNT

XK -1, JWill 2, KJH 2, Judah 2

WF punt is fielded at the 40 by Swinney. 37 yard punt. He makes the first guy miss and is tackled by the 2nd guy.

Offense 17, 1:49, 56-3

1st and 10, C43

Renfrow in at QB. On 1st down, we run the JS to Swinney. LJD whiffs on his block out there and Swinney can only get 2 yards. On 2nd down, we go IZ to LJD who is wrapped up by the blitzing LB after a gain of 2.

Wilkins is over there lobbying Dabo and Scott to go in at QB. Killing me.








On 3rd and 5, we run Counter H to the boundary with LJD. Vinson and Chalk get kickouts and LJD cuts it up and then back to the other side. He picks up a block from Carman, then DK, then Swinney and is able to get the edge on the backside. Renfrow flies down there at hyper-speed to seal off the safety. LJD turns on the jets and gets one last hustle block from DK to get him in the EZ…TOUCHDOWN TIGERS

Potter’s XP is good


LJD 1, Chalk 1, Vinson 1, DK 2, Swinney 1










Potter’s KO goes out of the EZ for a TB

They run it a couple more times and the game is over.

JWill 1


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