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Special Teams/Player Grades Bottom Line: ND ’18

  • Potter was excellent kicking off as he has been all season. Notre Dame did not get a chance to return one in the game.
  • Spiers first punt of the game was a “Spiers Special” where he likely felt the nerves of the moment. It was a 34 yarder that gave Notre Dame the ball at our 49 after the two teams exchanged punts early.
  • Spiers saved his best punt for late in the 4Q. It was a 49 yarder and high where Mullen made an immediate tackle of Finke for no gain.
  • I thought DK might have a shot at a good kickoff return in the game, but his one return was not blocked well and that was compounded into an even worse situation when he fumbled inside the 20. I’ll chalk that up to freshman jitters. The booth gave us the ball back and Brian Kelly asked the ref, “Did they say there was video evidence to overturn the call on the field.” The ref responded something I couldn’t see and Kelly responded with “Well, how ’bout we get a little vindication then.”
  • We got our first extra point blocked. One DL held Simpson so that 6’7″ Jerry Tillery could get through. That didn’t work until Tillery put both hands on Simpson’s helmet and pushed off. Tillery also came down on the snapper’s head which should’ve been called. Simpson complained to the ref and the ref went over and said something to Tillery. Maybe they got away with one there. Luckily the game wasn’t close and the miss never became a factor.
  • Greg Huegel missed a 49-yard FG and was visibly disappointed with himself. He has not had the kind of season we hoped for in his return to action, but he’s still got one more game to totally redeem himself.
  • On 4th and 7 near the end of the 1H, you could see Dabo tell the punt return team that, “It’s 4th and 7 and I want you to be surprised if they kick the ball.” That’s a great choice of words and good coaching in the moment.
  • Jamie Skalski got in the game late at WLB, but I don’t recall him being in on special teams. As one of our best ST players last year, I thought he’d reprise his role, but it doesn’t look like that happened.
Wilkins and Simmons dump the Gatorade on Dabo…and Brian Kelly who is not amused.

Player Grades

2018 Gameballs

  • 2018 Offensive Game Balls: Amari Rodgers (FU), Kelly Bryant (A&M), Travis Etienne (GS, GT, SC, Pitt), Gage Cervenka (SU), Mitch Hyatt (WF), Trevor Lawrence (NCS, FSU, ND), Tremayne Anchrum (UL), Hunter Renfrow (BC), Garrett Williams (DU)
  • 2018 Defensive Game Balls: Christian Wilkins (FU,UL,DU), Clelin Ferrell (A&M, GS, WF), J.D. Davis (GT), Tre Lamar (SU), Isaiah Simmons (NCS), Kendall Joseph (FSU), Tanner Muse (BC), A.J. Terrell (SC), Dexter Lawrence (Pitt), Austin Bryant (ND)

2015-2018 Game Ball Tally

10-Timer’s Club: Deshaun Watson 13

5-Timer’s Club: Christian Wilkins 7, Clelin Ferrell 6, Travis Etienne 6, Dorian O’Daniel 6, Ben Boulware 5, Kelly Bryant 5, Kendall Joseph 5

  • Hunter Renfrow 4, Wayne Gallman 3, Trevor Lawrence 3, Austin Bryant 3, Shaq Lawson 2, B.J. Goodson 2, Ray Ray McCloud 2, Jay Guillermo 2, Scott Pagano 2, Cordrea Tankersley 2, Mike Williams 2, J.D. Davis 2, Tre Lamar 2, Mitch Hyatt 2, Dexter Lawrence 2, Artavis Scott 1, Charone Peake 1, Mackenzie Alexander 1, Kevin Dodd 1, Ryan Carter 1, Jordan Leggett 1, Nick Schuessler 1, Carlos Watkins 1, Taylor Hearn 1, Tyrone Crowder 1, Justin Falcinelli 1, Trayvon Mullen 1, Tee Higgins 1, Deon Cain 1, Amari Rodgers 1, Gage Cervenka 1, Isaiah Simmons 1, Tremayne Anchrum 1, Tanner Muse 1, A.J. Terrell 1

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