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Spring Update: #4

Let’s go ahead and dive in to the latest reports.

Freshman DT, Tyler Davis, is “a freak.”

Buying this, as you already know if you read here. I expected him to land in the 2-deep against Georgia Tech as our #3 DT. What I didn’t expect was for Pink and JWill to be out this spring and for him to get all of the reps with the 1s as a true freshman early enrollee. The upperclass OL seem to unanimously love his ability. I can’t wait to see him in the spring game and form my own opinion.

Cervenka: The offense dominated on the long balls, but was inconsistent on the short stuff.

I’ll definitely buy this. Venables wants to bring the safety down and force teams to throw downfield. We have the best 50/50-ball WRs in college football, an NFL arm at QB, and we’re breaking in a few new CBs. We’re going to be awfully tough to stop on the outside downfield. With another year of experience, chemistry building, and confidence, explosive plays downfield should be an every-game occurrence.

OL commit Mitchell Mayes says he’s in a group chat with other commits and they are setting high goals and becoming friends (“It’s not just football”).

I thought this was a glimpse behind the curtain of how the culture of the program begins to take hold as soon as they commit. I think this is one of the unseen advantages of Dabo’s strategy of only taking commitments that are done with the recruiting process and ready to shift their focus 100% towards Clemson. That, combined with recruiting a more genuine type of player, creates an environment more susceptible to this kind of situation.

The defense bounced back and won the scrimmage this past Wednesday.

I will buy that the play-calling intentionally made it more difficult for the offense, and I will buy mistakes on top of that, but it’s hard to believe that the defense could be that good that quick.

Field Goals are an issue. Dabo said “You can’t be a 50% free throw shooter.”

Other than Steven Sawicki, BT Potter doesn’t have a lot of competition for the Kicker job. Kickers can be head-cases and we’re depending on Potter this year, so now is the time to get him to work through it, as opposed to the this fall.

Derion Kendrick has been working some at CB.

Dabo said he started him at CB in the scrimmage and he had an INT. Dabo also said this is routine cross-training, but with the injuries this spring at CB, why not take the opportunity to throw him out there against the 1s and see how he does in 1-on-1s? We’ve heard the WRs are wrecking shop downfield, so why not? We’ll get a little bit closer to the truth about the open CB spot when the staff has to show their hand in the spring game.

“The young DTs are competing better.” Dabo specifically mentioned Ohrhorhoro, Rueben, Jefferies, Davis, and Kelly.

Nothing particularly special about that (sans Davis). The spring game will be a better indication of where they are.

All 32 teams showed up to watch The Power Rangers pro-day, including 3 head coaches: Vrabel-Titans, Taylor-Bengals, Tomlin-Steelers.

I believe the kids would call this, “lit.” Highlights: Adam Choice ran a sub 4.57-40 yard dash. Trevion Thompson ran a sub 4.5. Dex pushed up 36 reps of 225.

Also, I want take the opportunity to point out that 2-Star J.D. Davis ran a 4.85-40, 5-Star Tre Lamar ran a 4.95, and 3-year starter Kendall Joseph ran a 5.0. The points I want to make here are that 1. The narrative that J.D. Davis was “far lesser athletically” than Tre and KJ was false. 2. You can play LB on the best defense in the country running a 5.0 40-yard dash. 3. You can be a 5-Star recruit running a 5.0 40. File that information away in your memory.

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