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“The Drive”

The 2016 National Championship Winning Drive

Alabama has just retaken the lead on a Jalen Hurts 29 yard scramble for a TD. On the drive, Bama turned a 3rd and 16 into a 4th and 1 and converted when Austin Bryant slipped down. With 2:07 left in the game, Clemson will receive Alabama’s kickoff.

A short kickoff is taken at the 12 by C.J. Fuller on the right hash. He immediately cuts back left. He gets a pancake from GWill and a nice kickout from Richard. Scott whiffs on his block but Fuller breaks the tackle and cuts up the middle.









Muse kicks out his man and Radacovic is leading him up the middle now. Radacovic takes out the kicker but Fuller is tripped up from behind by Tony Brown who laid out and knocked the wind out of himself to make the tackle.










Offense 17, 2:01, 31-28 AL

  • 1st and 10, CU 32. 2×2 vs. Dime. Straight drop. Bama rushes 3 and blitz bails into double spies with their LBs.










DW looks to Leggett all the way and throws a quick out to a well covered Leggett on the boundary.









Complete and OOB for a gain of 5.

  • 2nd and 5, CU 37. HUNH. 3×1 vs. Dime. This time they bring a jailbreak blitz with 6.









Gallman picks up the blitzing safety in the middle and that accounts for everybody. DW has 1 on 1 with Williams on the outside and he tosses up a fade.

Not the ideal situation to leave a CB alone with Williams on the outside. The blitz gets burned by a helluva individual play here. Gain of 24.

  • 1st and 10, AL 39. 3×1 bunch wide. PA ZR. They bring 4 and it looked like #32 was offsides. DW throws a quick Tunnel Screen to Scott.









Scott laterals to Gallman coming around on the outside. The CB keeps contain and smacks Gallman in the backfield. Gallman breaks the tackle and pushes his way into traffic for 6. Clock runs with no timeout.

  • 2nd and 4, AL 34, 1:02. 2×1 wide, H boundary. They bring a bullet middle, TE stunt wide, and a spy to the boundary.









Guillermo take Foster on the bullet and pushes him out wide and pancakes him which blocks Tomlinson’s path to the QB. #56 then throws Crowder with one arm (Wow!) and DW takes off. The spy (#22 Ryan Anderson) is there waiting on him. Gain of 1. Clock runs with no timeout. I don’t understand not taking the timeout on either of the last two plays. We seem to be playing for the FG.

  • 3rd and 3, AL 32. 0:28. 2×1 wide, TE boundary. They bring 5. We have double slants wide. DW hits Renfrow for 6 and the first down. Ball is spotted and the clock starts with no timeout.
  • 1st and 10, AL 26. DW clocks it with 0:19 left.
  • 2nd and 10, AL 26. 2×2. Bullet middle by Foster, TE stunts on both sides. Straight drop. Double switch routes on both sides. DW throws a laser to Leggett as he’s posted up on the safety.

Gain of 17…TIMEOUT CLEMSON with 0:14 to go.

  • 1st and G, AL 9. 3×1 bunch wide with MW to the boundary alone. Straight drop. DW looks for Leggett breaking back to the corner of the EZ and he is covered and the ball is overthrown. Incomplete.









Alabama dodged a bullet on this one as you can see the ball is in the air and Minkah Fitzpatrick has Leggett wrapped up which is preventing him from getting to the ball. You can also see that had Pollard given DW a little more time in the pocket without having to step up, he could’ve either hit Renfrow on the crosser or run it in himself.

  • 2nd and G, AL 9. 0:10. 3×1 wide. Straight drop. They bring 4 with speed rushes on the outside. DW lofts a fade up to Williams. Williams is bracketed and tripped up by the inside defender, the CB.









The CB just grabs and holds on as their legs get tangled up. The CB should have chucked MW inside and that would’ve routed him to the safety. It still would’ve been a 1 on 1 because DW’s throw was high and to the outside. I’d say there was about a 75% chance he makes the catch if he’s not interfered with.









  • 1st and G, AL 2. 2×2, TE wide which is an empty formation. Gallman motions back to RB. Designed rollout wide. Gallman gets out there to pick up Anderson. Scott picks for Renfrow who cuts back to the outside wide open. Easy throw, pressure catch though being that wide open.











Huegel makes the XP to put Clemson up by 4, 35-31 with one second left.

The turning point of last year’s game was Alabama’s onsides kick. In a fitting move by the coaching staff, Clemson goes with a surprise onsides kick that goes 10 yards and is recovered by Huegel. They review the play and make Clemson come out and snap it one more time for the win.






Special Thanks to the Post & Courier for these wonderful pictures.

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