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Jad Dean's List

The (Jad) Dean’s List: Deaconstructed

Well we finally got what we all wanted this week, the Tigers flexed on ’em and dropped a 60 bomb on the unsuspecting (and really, undeserving) Wake Forest Demon Deacons.  Clemson ran for over 400 yards and held the Deacs to under 300.  On that same day, Oklahoma lost to Texas (BACK!), Stanford lost to Utah, and LSU lost to Florida.  All three are all but eliminated from playoff contention, and all three made their way onto the List.  Also of note, it’s time to pour one out for Mike Stoops who finally got canned after the losing effort to Texas.  Frankly its incredible that he lasted that long.  Now, Kansas needs to hire him as their head coach so that he can beat Oklahoma and let it come full circle.  Now, on to the list!




Transitive loss to Maryland just makes this even more fun.  Can’t wait to see how that shakes out this season.

Next level pettiness, that’s what College Football is all about.

For once….

That’s the Stoops Special right there.

Well, for once Skip was right!

Autorec for the name Dicker

Someone call an ambulance!

Do you…….do you know how touchdowns work?

I mean….yeah that’s fair but Baton Rouge isn’t exactly Madison Avenue….

Oh, odd…..wasn’t he calling Clemson a fraud earlier this year?

I hope you took the over….

Nothing but facts here.  0-2 if you count Josh.

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