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Jad Dean's List

The (Jad) Dean’s List: Five

Another in a long string of beatdowns over the chickens would generally provide enough schadenfreude for anyone, but then we also were handed the beautiful gift of watching Michigan get absolutely embarrassed by Ohio State and there should be meltdowns galore as they have been mostly impervious to the list so far this year.

Excellent meme blending here.

Jesus man he has a family.

Don’t come at me with these facts

There’s you’re 7 million dollar man right there.

More excellent meme blending.

Well would you look at that!

Maybe nerves are good?

The team was not

Was losing your big revenge?

Who claps like that, seriously?

The storm came, but it wasn’t the one you expected.

Apparently you learned how to clap from Jim Harbaugh

Or maybe just some heck.  Probably not even that.  Purgatory maybe? Heaven waitlist?

The thrashing did indeed commence.

How did that work out for you?

is that a fact?

Are Preston Brooks and Charles Sumner back in Congress?!

Apparently it wasn’t quite enough eh?

That defense was going to hold Clemson to 31?!

LOL they come with this weak sauce when their 5 year streak was built on Tommy Bowden’s sudden departure?

You probably were not on a spin bike….that was probably an actual bike.  Just saying.

Well, actually…..

They did cover!

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