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Jad Dean's List

The (Jad) Dean’s List: Gamecocks Swamped

Not a lot of upsets this week, but we did get to see a fantastic Muschamp Meltdown in the Swamp.  Lets bask in the misery of the Gamecock faithful:



This may have been premature in retrospect

Did he get an even bigger bonus for blowing it?

…….who wants to tell her?

Well at least you’re honest

You should try paying for all of these trips to Playoff games!

Ah yes….wait till next year!


That pretty much sums it up

A rare moment of honesty from the Gamecock faithful

I’m not even mad, I’m impressed!

If there was a Walmart Bowl, the Gamecocks would play Arkansas in it every year.

I don’t really think they do….

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