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Jad Dean's List

The (Jad) Dean’s List: Hokie Shame

There was some minor chaos this week in College Football.  Not the full on anarchy of a truly chaotic weekend mind you, but plenty of hilarious happenstance.  Unfortunately, much of it was at the expense of the ACC as Boston College got its doors blown off and Virginia Tech lost AT OLD DOMINION.  So much wrong with that sentence.  You know it’s a bad week when Florida State wasn’t the most embarrassing thing in the ACC.  Oregon also did a really dumb thing and it bit them right in the tail feathers.  Tennessee and Nebraska fully realized the depth of their problems this week.


Cute you say? Or maybe they uh….earned it and played well?

Gotta give VT credit for not deleting this tweet.  Bold move.

Could have used him out there Saturday.  Not sure what this tweet is trying to convey though honestly.  Just a weird tweet.

I think he was just stretching, it doesn’t appear that anyone in orange was ready to play on Saturday

If South Carolina fans had any past success, they would be doing the exact same thing

Maybe he should try out at QB? Can’t be worse than the guy they are trotting out there….

I can think of a variety of things that would be more productive.  For Trey, committing to Clemson instead should be choice numero uno.

Sadly, most of those people were playing for Florida.

Damn man….respect.  Self awareness is key.

How bad did it look!?

Well actually….

Obviously because he has a good eye for football.

+5 points for word choice!

It all makes sense now!  The ‘Merican way to win (lose) a game!

Yeesh. Talk about bad beats.

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