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Jad Dean's List

The (Jad) Dean’s List: Petri-NO

What could be said last week about shirtless book guy that hadn’t been said already?  Literally every joke made was done before I could get to it.  So this week we get to make fun of Louisville and the Cardinals for their total program collapse.  Two years ago they felt robbed of a win in our house.  This year, they are thanking us for helping take another step in firing their coach.  Oh how the times change…


The answer of course is no.

Been a while since we’ve had a good tarmac firing!

Still some bitterness there I’d say…

Atlanta Falcons….the cycle starts a new!

If you’re going to get fired, at least make tens of millions while doing it.

the more things change….

Build the wall!

So Louisville, so Petrino.

Just let it end!

Pam for the win!

Did they though? Really?

Not for the faint of heart.

That seems like a good place to end it.

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