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The (Jad) Dean’s List: Purdomination

This weekend went very well for the Tigers if I do say so myself.  Clemson welcomed Dave Doeren and his puppies to Death Valley and, after a whole lot of barking from their players in the week leading up to the game, they left with tails tucked between their legs as they got dragged up and down the field to the tune of 41-7.  Clemson fans certainly relished the comfortable victory that they had been seeking over the Pack.  As if that wasn’t enough, they got to watch the Buckeyes get thoroughly beaten by Purdue in the night game slot.  It wasn’t a close loss either.  Several times Ohio State had an opportunity to keep it close, but Purdue just kept scoring.  Their sorrow shall be featured prominently, I assure you.  The Shamecocks were idle this weekend, but still took the L as their second favorite team got crushed 41-7.



Pour one out for Cleveland

Godzilla looks more adept at tackling than the Buckeyes did.


The Internet is THE BEST.

Everything is in front of them, including a few more Ls and the Outback Bowl.

Lol yes, that holding call was the difference between losing and not.

This makes me very happy

Unmatched professionalism

Maybe they should have used a different form of locomotion? Diesel? Electric?

So basically you handed your boyfriend two Ls in one night?

It’ll get better soon.

Maybe they changed their minds?

Pretty sure that’s exactly what happened.

That shit was NOT happening this year.

Clemson fans ARE a bunch of nerds.

They weren’t.

I don’t think that’s going to be an issue….

Now you know what it feels like to get 100% of Clemson’s attention instead of being a trap game.

That may have just been some bad cheese that you had.

How’d that work for you?

No.  He’s already much better.

It was!

After watching the game, I don’t think Lawrence was dreaming about Pratt but Finley may have spent all two weeks watching Clemson’s D Line do work.

Nobody on that depth chart has ever beaten Clemson.

You shouldn’t spread rumors that you know aren’t true.

Neither of these happened.  Etienne had 3 touchdowns to Finley’s 0.

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