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The (Jad) Dean’s List: The Clemson Playoff Train Departs College Station

Well, there was football this weekend and that means there were plenty of great takes to capture and curate for you here.  There aren’t many from during the Clemson and Texas A&M game because frankly, I was having heart palpitations and I couldn’t manage to use my phone to capture those.  I will be sending the invoice from my cardiologist directly to the Clemson Athletic Department though.

Featured this week are plenty of delusional Gamecock fans (I know, that’s redundant), some very salty Aggies, and then a handful of very sad Nolefans because, if we’re talking Twitter, we’re #talkinboutthenoles.  Enjoy, and feel free to add any of the wonderful tweets that you saw this weekend in the comments!


Based on the second half, I’d say the Shamecocks only had about 2* worth of heart on Saturday.

Mark Twain once said, “it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt”

Maybe that would have helped them hydrate and prevent a second half blowout?

Maybe it would be best to stop listening to that gut of yours.

I am pretty sure that literally none of these happened.  Maybe the Deebo one? I’m not sure

Actually, the dumbest rule in football is the tuck rule by a mile.

I don’t think dropping 5 interceptions equates to luck, especially when one of those turned into a TD that almost caused the game to be tied.


Block [HOLD] the Clemson front…

This may be a bit extreme.

I don’t know who “ours” is, but I highly doubt that unless you’re a Bama fan.

Honestly, that might be best even though they won.

Well at least one Seminoles team knows how to score.

Whew! Throwing the heaters already.

He’s a modern day Charlie Weiss.  He just needs to complete the trifecta by getting the ND job and trashing their program too.

Finally here’s a gem from Shakin The Southland in the post game write up, or, as I like to call it Overreaction Theater.

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