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The (Jad) Dean’s List: Well Timed Bye

Well, Clemson picked a great week to not play football as a Top 10 team.  In a week that turned into an absolute bloodbath for teams throughout the Top 25, it was very wise of Clemson to sit out the festivities and watch the inferno from the outside.  Cross state/occasional rival Georgia saw their Playoff hopes all but evaporate in Baton Rouge, Penn State got D’Antonio’d, and Washington lost to Oregon (as if their playoff chances weren’t already slim enough with their “quality loss” losing to Tennessee – not quality).  With all of the madness, there is plenty of ground to cover.  Nobody is safe here, except for Clemson who, wisely, spent the weekend not losing to someone ranked lower than them.



Even in an embarrassing loss, they can still throw shade at Tebow

You can, but I’m not sure what good it would do…

Well, maybe Cotton-Eyed Joe could have completed enough passes to keep this game competitive.

Spoken like someone who has lost to the Shamecocks one too many times.  Which would be once.

Bit early for that, but that pumpkin should still last longer than the remainder of Gus’ time in Auburn.

That’s…..special.  Maybe he’s out of practice after not winning?



That was the Gus Bus, please move along.

Bills Mafia/Penn State Crossover?

Um… realize that there are like, 6 more games to play? And one of them is against Michigan….

Elite teams lose to MSU: FACTS

Will always rec The Office

How did this work with “Neck?”

So…..what the team would be like without Muschamp as coach?

That’s the University president, literally can’t spell “being”

I wonder if that’s ever happened before.

But those receivers tho….

I think you may have had too much cheese.  You should probably see a doctor.

Creative at least.

cue “Hello Darkness My Old Friend…”

No better way to end than with Ron Swanson.

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