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The Horowitz Award

Behold the competition of opinion and prediction making

How many times have you read someone tooting their own horn about something they may or may not have predicted while misrepresenting what they actually posted and ignoring all the stuff they got wrong?   Pretty annoying, right?


Here at Clemson Paws, we give everybody the opportunity to go on record with their opinions and track their accuracy.  This way, good posting is rewarded. You, the reader, are informed of who knows their stuff.


  • The Horowitz Award Standings will have their own page for here and the season runs a full year beginning after the National Championship game in basketball. You must keep the same name/handle to be eligible to win. (If you get caught trying to cheat the system, you are out. Keep this contest above the belt.)

Scoring System

  • What I’ve found out is that there are so many different variations of things you can have an opinion on that a one-size-fits-all system is going to be difficult.  So, each opinion, statement, or prediction is worth somewhere between 1 and 5 points.
  • To receive higher points, your prediction needs to have a higher level of difficulty.  Also, being the first one with a certain prediction shows you are operating ahead of the curve and is worth more point(s) as well.
  • Missed predictions will lose somewhere between 1-5 points which is also based on level of difficulty and being first to go out on that limb. The easier the prediction, the more points you stand to lose if you miss.
  • Yours truly, The Kraken, will have the unenviable task of being judge and jury on these predictions so please take it easy on me. Some predictions that are too easy are too over-the-top, I will not accept.

Prediction Making

Go to the Clemson Paws Twitter account (@Clemson_Paws) or, if you’re already a member, the comment section below an article. Simply write “MTD” (mark this down), and your prediction and post. You will see one of us respond with a “got it” to let you know you are on record. CTB, KLV, and Clemsonhobo are in charge of recording the predictions. The Kraken is in charge of grading them.

Limitations on Predictions

  • Predictions that are deemed too easy or are common knowledge are not worth a point.
  • No predicting recruit commitments – It’s such a grey area and it’s too difficult to keep track. Everyone can read Player X’s interview where he narrowed down his list to 3 schools and who he’s leaning towards.  Then there is the nod to Quacking Tiger with “The QT Rule”: if someone told you that Player X is a silent commit, it is a fact that he’s already committed, not truly a prediction.
  • Picking the winners of specific games by the spread. Why? It’s lazy, not in the spirit of the Horowitz Award, and Vegas has me beat on rewards. Now, if you want to pick a massive upset like “Appalachian State over Michigan,” I will accept that.
  • Each person is limited to a maximum of 20 predictions, so make them count!


  • The top 3 in the standings are given commenting privileges on the site.


Periodically, I will update the predictions, scoring, and standings. This can vary, but will be definitely done Pre-Football season, Post-Football Season, and Post-Basketball Season.


Final Horowitz Standings 2018-19

Past Winners of “The Barry Horowitz Award For Accuracy”

2017-18 Winner


2nd Place, Metaproject
3rd Place, CTB

2016-17 Winner

Quacking Tiger

2nd Place, CTB
3rd Place, ClemsonHobo

2015-16 Winner

Tiger Diesel

2nd Place: Tigertastic
Tied for 3rd Place: Alex Craft and Quacking Tiger

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